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  1. Cozumel is my favourite destination of all the places I’ve been. I’ve been there 6 times now. The last time we were fortunate enough to be there during carnival. Have fun. Don’t be afraid to venture downtown and through the market. Is very safe there and the people are amazing.
  2. Typically not many charters will anchor up and Jig as the entire west side of the island is a marine sanctuary, and there not even allowed to put lines down until past the reef/drop-off. I've used Cozumel charters 3 times over the years, and did well on 2 of the trips for Mahi and sailfish. The sailfish migration is not until spring (march-may) but most charters go to the south end of the island out from Punta Sur for Mahi. There are also some bonefish guides that do fly fishing on the north end of the island, however the ones I looked into were pricey, so we never went. Good Luck while there, and make sure to go into downtown to Wet Wendy's margarita bar....you wont be disappointed..
  3. View Advert Salmon Trolling tackle/gear selling off all my salmon tackle. for sale is: spin doctors (most with flys attached) 16 @ 8", and [email protected] 10" (some other paddles included with paddle file boxes) $375 Large variety of spoons... NK, Moonshine, Rac, Williams, Matrix and a few lymans - 125+pcs in special mate tackle box - $650 647-294-5982 Advertiser steelhedrmatt Date 10/03/2019 Price 1,025.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  4. Manage to find one yet bill? You're welcome to borrow mine anytime. I'm in alcona. I'll send you a pm with my phone number.
  5. What time did you walk down?? At around 5, I watched as that whole ice sheet from the end of the road to fox just float away. Headed for lagoon city at about 5 knots. Lol
  6. I said the same thing. No spuds. Running around. Not a care in the world. Doesn't send a good message to those that are not experienced. Great day fishing that won't soon be forgotten, but a little common sense goes a long way. I was on that same ice the same day and we found at least 5 spots that couldn't be more than 1 1/2". 2" at best. Most was 3-4 but it only takes one step in the wrong place to wreck a day. Just sayin.
  7. Come over and fill with nitrogen. My Neighbor has a whole bottle full for the race car tires. Won't shrink.
  8. He went to court. His lawyer cost a fortune. Called it care and control. I see how it could be considered that, but this cop was a real dick that day. It was pretty obvious he wasn't planning on driving.
  9. That mileage will greatly improve. Towing my boat, on cruise, I average 11-13 on relatively flat roads. It will also tow a lot of weight. My buddy's boat as it sits is 10000# plus With fuel. Pulled out of launch and towed no problem. I felt it that's for sure but it towed it fairly easy. Smart move on the V8. Mines the 5.0. Tried and true. Like you I upgraded from a 6.0l ranger. I still miss that truck. Couldn't get it stuck if I tried. But I don't regret upgrading for a minute. Either will you. Enjoy your new ride. Love the colour.
  10. Ya. Screwed his life update pretty good for a couple of years. He commutes to toronto for work.
  11. Did well for slab crappie there a few years ago. Haven't been back. We found em suspended down 20/25' over 40. Was February. I was with a buddy that knows the lake.
  12. Some cops are pricks most are not. The private property thing is way to grey. Years ago when I lived in Bradford, my Neighbor was cleaning his truck, In his driveway, with his tenant blocking him in. It was a sunny day and a weekend. Naturally he had been having a few beers while cleaning his truck. He had several empties on his front steps, and a halt full beer he was drinking on the hood. Low and behold, one of south simcoe's finest, drives by. Not once but 3 times. On the 3rd time he pulled in front of his driveway, and proceeded to arrest him for impaired because the keys were in the ignition so he could listen to music. The charge stuck. No previous record for anything. Now he's labelled for life. He never had any intention on driving, and had no need to go anywhere. That cop took a good tongue lashing from the rest of us in the neighbourhood after putting him in the back of the cruiser. Just another south simcoe dick on a power trip. Discretion should have been used that day for sure. True story. I don't trust cops period. They have a tough job, but I don't trust any because of actions of a few. Sad really.
  13. I hear ya!! Our deeded beach at the 9th line of innisfil is disgusting once the ice goes out. Usually takes a full day cleaning and raking.
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