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  1. Ice fishing fiasco - when it goes wrong!

    Haha. What a great video. We had the same dilemma a few times on Saturday when Lakers decided to do the ‘death roll’ lakers are jerks.
  2. Hamilton Harbour Walleye

    Ah crud. I was looking west of the 403 for some reason.
  3. Hamilton Harbour Walleye

    Navionics shows 20-30. I was trying to figure out where to fish it.
  4. I got schooled! Whitie smashfest!

    Man does this ever give me the itch. A few vids I have seen online and I'm starting to think of what I may be doing wrong. Gotta love when the action is non-stop like that. Great vid.
  5. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    If anyone is bored, have a look to a few years on the hockey thread when us leaf fans said this exact sentence to Matt when we got rid of Phaneuf. Strange how things have totally 180'ed.
  6. Hamilton Harbour Walleye

    Those were all the walleye they released in the Toronto Harbour last year. They needed somewhere to run and BoQ was too far.
  7. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    Why the heck would LA want him? At least Ottawa finally came to their sense with Phaneuf.
  8. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    You clearly have never been to my office.
  9. 2017-2018 Hockey Thread

    They are a little more protected then that. But not much. Its their first rounder this year OR next year and its at Ottawa's discretion. Plus they can make this decision right up to the trade deadline. Its not an easy decision but it does give them some wiggle room.
  10. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    My confusion was mostly just because they changed the regs from 2017 to 2018. Also more so wishful thinking then confusion.
  11. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    I wish. Months of planning for this day and I have to move it back. :S I mean, its not the end of the world. Its just frustrating. In 2022 the lake will be closed until the 19th. I know its just a couple of days but still. I wonder how many people will be out on the ice on the Friday because the didn't read the new regs.
  12. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    Page 5 of 10 on the right side half way down. (I love the way we can upload photos now)
  13. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    I’m just grouchy because I thought booking the day off meant there would be little pressure at my spot. Now I gotta get there at 4am.
  14. Lake Joseph new regs. Help!

    Crap. Thanks. Was hoping To Friday meant To Friday at 12:01am.
  15. Ice fishing help

    You'll love it. Fishing out of a hut is the lap of luxury. This past weekend 4 of us stayed overnight in a hut on Nippissing and we had a blast. I would say bring tunes and food, snacks. We did use the BBQ in our hut and it worked well. Also if your hut is heated with a coleman stove if you bring a pan, a loaf of bread and a block of cheese, making grilled cheese on the ice is the best. For fishing gear, just a couple lures should do. Spoons, smaller hooks, splitshot. Maybe a small scoop of minnows and a light tip up if you can get your hands on one. Nothing too fancy. You'll have a blast regardless of what you bring.