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  1. Lmao. B, you may be the luckiest son of a gun I know. Only you would get stranded on the perfect fishing spot. 😛
  2. Oh man. The French is scary too. My grandfather has had a cottage on there since I was born. On the occasion we’d go to 5 finger rapids sloooooowly. Also he always talked about Chudyare dam and how good the fishing was but how we could never go because it was too treacherous.
  3. Thats a sad sad story. I feel for those people. But 60 MPH on a lake they don't know? Some people boggle my mind. Its like how reckless some people drive on the roads. People don't think it can happen to them until it does and sadly it only has to happen once. Thats a good call. Honestly, as a resident of the lake for over 30 years, majority of the time we take the kayaks and the paddle boat when we go fishing. If we do take the motor boat (the 9.9) we just go to the bowl in the lake. Anything else is just asking for trouble.
  4. Nice! Let me know when. The fishing has turned back on in my secret spot. The heat has made a mess of the lake though. Haven’t seen or heard of a single walleye come out this year.
  5. I wish I had a video to go with this but sadly y'all will just have to do with the story. So, anyone who knows Head Lake (The Norland one, not the Minden one) knows that this lake is treacherous. My dad and I have a combined 60 years on this lake and there are areas that we still tread very lightly. Especially with the water levels down and the lack of rain we have been having. Long weekends at the cottage are always interesting because there are always people launching their boat or renting cottages on the lake that have never spent a minute on the lake, let alone charted out where the rocks are. This doesn't stop people from going too fast in areas that they really shouldn't be going fast. For us locals, this is usually pretty entertaining. (Keep in mind, this is with us sitting on our deck with them a few KM away, so I can't exactly warn them). So Monday at noon time we are sitting down on the deck, relaxing and eating lunch as we see a large sport fishing boat going across the lake from west to east on the north side. (For those of you who don’t know, the north side of the lake is the worst. You only go north to south and you always follow the marker bouys). This boat is going right through what we affectionately call ‘the minefield’. So I call my dad out saying ‘you are going to want to see this’. The boat was going slow but with how shallow the water has been this year, there was no way they were getting out of this one. They get about ¾ of the way across the lake going very slow (kudos for them on that) before slowly turning around. Clearly they had hit one of the spots that are impossible to pass with a motor boat. After they turn the nose of the boat around was when they made their mistake. They start heading back what I can only assume they thought was their path at a much faster speed. Again, this lake is so rocky that if the rocks or the current blow you off course even by a foot you are in trouble. They get about 10 feet from the spot where they turned before we hear a loud ‘ping’ as we watch the back of their boat jump about 2 feet in the air. We kept watching. It was clear their motor was done for. We weren’t sure if we would need to go out and help but their trolling motor was still working. It looked like they were going to have a long ride back to the boat launch. Friendly reminder everyone, until you know a lake like the back of your hand, always play safe, get a depth map, or ask the locals. It can be a costly mistake.
  6. jerpears1

    HUGE muskie

    This was my thought too Chris. This fish could have eventually been a world record........... except you took all the slime off of it and probably killed it.
  7. jerpears1

    Faded braided line

    You fish 300 ft below the surface bud. Do fish even have eyes when they live down that deep? XD XD
  8. I did not know that. Good to know. I honestly love island lake. It’s big enough to find lots of hidden spots without being in peoples back pockets.
  9. If you can leave the big motor at home and slap on a trolling motor, I'd go to Island Lake in orangeville. I love that body of water. Enough spots and species to keep anyone busy for a day. I'd also consider Goderich at the mouth of the Thames. (I think its the thames?)
  10. jerpears1

    Faded braided line

    Sooooooo, not for senkos? ...... wait, do you use senkos? Through the ice for lakers for sure. I dunno why i’m Ok with a fluro leader for that and not soft water. Superstition I guess. XD
  11. jerpears1

    Faded braided line

    My co-worker made a good point. Those of you who commented, do you use a fluro leader? I’ve been tying my braid right on to the hook like a boat anchor.
  12. jerpears1

    Finally, some H 2 O SUNSHINE

    Lake levels were too low as well. Hope the lake goes up an inch or two.
  13. jerpears1

    Faded braided line

    This is awesome! Thanks. Gonna try the first technique and if that doesn’t work i’ll Invest in the second. Its funny because i would have thought what you said about the line as well until I had a buddy using sand white on Quinte one day. I think I landed 5 or 6 quality bass while he didn’t get a bite. It was odd. Also i’ll Use any excuse in the book if they fish aren’t biting. ‘It’s too hot’ ‘it’s too cold’ ‘it’s too shallow’ ‘the wind was blowing the wrong direction’ ‘It was to early’ ‘it was too late’. I feel like I could make one of those t-shirts.
  14. jerpears1

    Faded braided line

    Hey everyone. For the past 2 to 3 seasons I have really been enjoying using braided line for the first time in my life. I’ve noticed better hooksets and less lost fish. After 4 days camping and leaving my rods out in the sun (no choice) my dark green line looks like it’s faded to a brighter tan. Am I just seeing things or does braided line fade? If it does will it effect the fishing? Will fish see this off colour? How often does everyone replace their braid? Thanks.
  15. jerpears1

    Question for smallmouth guys

    We just came back from a 4 day camping trip on a back country lake with smallmouth. All were caught in 3 to 20 FOW (lake is up to 70 feet deep but when we found the hot spot we didn’t bother moving. White wacky worms worked best. White spinners did well and my fiancée got the biggest of the trip with a night crawler. I kid you not, this smallie was over 5lbs. Talking to other people on the lake they were having no success with spoons, jerk baits, jointed rapalas.