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  1. jerpears1

    Splakefest on ice

    Dang. What a blast. Thanks for posting. Looks like you had an awesome day.
  2. jerpears1

    I just love a good fishing story!

    I loved reading this. Good on the guy for putting it back. Not all super heroes wear capes.
  3. jerpears1

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    2 games is a lot for his first offence. It couldn't be a fine? Or 1 game?
  4. jerpears1

    The Way To Stop Poachers

    Agreed with the other posters. I would give this fine for shooting 1 moose out of season and wasting the meat. But 3?!?!? Jesus.
  5. jerpears1

    Another Off the Bucket List and a New PB!

    Very nice. I'd love to hook into one of those. Aren't bass in the chiclid family though?
  6. jerpears1

    Fly tieing a Goby ?????????

    Dang these look nice. Can’t wait to see what the whitefish think of them
  7. jerpears1

    callandar bay ice hut rental recommendation

    Not on Callandar but on the big lake I have gone with Reeds the past 2 years. Great people, great bungalows and the fishing is pretty good. The price is right as well.
  8. jerpears1

    Classified listing seems slow ????

    You and fisher Pete don’t sell anymore. 😛 plus i’m Getting married and hopefully having a baby.
  9. jerpears1

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Oops. It’s even less. So who do you save? The good news is Seattle can only take one player from each team.
  10. jerpears1

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    They'll have the money. I think. But yes if we don't protect them. I think its 12 players and 1 goalie? Gonna be tough. look at the roster now and see who you would protect.
  11. jerpears1

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    On leafs lunch when they were discussing Nylanders contract one of the guys made a really good point. It’s all about inflation. So if the cap goes up 10-15% then the players want a 10-15% increase in their salary. So if Marner signed the same year as Seguin or Kucherov would he have signed for less? Probnaly. But would they sign for more if they were finishing there entry level deal in 2019? Also Probnaly. It’s all relative.
  12. jerpears1

    2018-2019 Hockey Thread

    Holy smokes. Don’t blink with this Leafs team. I turned the game off when they were down 1 with 5 minutes left. Turns out they won in OT.
  13. jerpears1

    Braided line fluro leader

    I bought a pack of these when my uni knots don't work out so well.
  14. jerpears1

    Icy Walleye.

    I'll still be jealous. Getting my ACL repaired so I'm out until at least March if I get out at all....... so super jealous because now is the only time I'd be able to fish.
  15. jerpears1

    Icy Walleye.

    Oh man. I'm so jealous. Thanks for sharing the awesome vid.