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  1. Hi, SOUTHERN ONTARIO I design and install, Trobleshoot and Repair-- Marine DC Lighting and Equipment from the Battery-on, such as: * FUSE PANELS and CIRQUIT BREAKERS * LED LIGHTING * BATTERY ISOLATORS * BILDGE PUMPS * SONAR * COCKPIT GAUGES * BATTERY (Single/DUAL-Series 24V or Parallel 12V) PM Me if your in need of help. If it's a simple Marine DC Elelctrical problem and your an OFC Member, I may give free advice here through the PM system. If you need onsite work, I charge mileage and either a set rate (estimate) or an hourly rate. I'm tedious and don't muck around fixing old wriing when it comes to Marine trouble, I generally replace and solder all splices and connectors wire input ends. I also, as time permits, covert Manual Downriggers to 12 V Electric as it far cheaper than either buying an existing OEM upgrade or a new Elelctric Downrigger.
  2. You may be able to fix or reduce trolling oversteer by adjusting the vertical trim tab on bottom side of the anticavitation plate. Go easy though, as a little adjust means alot of adjust when on plane. Mark (etch) the original position, losen the trim tab (usually a 5/16" Allen wrench depending on motor OEM). If motors' swivelling to right (Starboard) and boat go's left, adjust tab 1/8-1/4" to right (Port). Tryit, fixit, tes-twit until it's going straight and also acceptable once on plane as well.
  3. Iv'e been using a fold-up net called 'The Masters Net' for more years than I can remember. When folded in it's sheath it measures about 6" x 1" x 2.5'; when open it's hole size is about 2 feet in diameter with a four foot shaft. I remember what I paid for it way back then though 80.00. Think it was InFishermen who were promoting it. Anyway, I have never had trouble with it, while others did, I'm not sure if they are made.
  4. Cripes, I used Ande line back in the 80s. It's still on my Penn and I don't recall it ever breaking (30ld). Make shift anchor rope--lol.
  5. Hi all, Here's another simple method to determine the charge of a 12 volt battery, personally, I let it sit for an hour or so after charging before taking a meter reading: VoltageState of Charge12.6+100%12.5 90%12.4280%12.3270%12.2060%12.0650%11.9 40%11.7530%11.5820%11.3110%10.5 0% Avoid discharging the battery below the 40% level whenever possible
  6. LETTER FROM MNR RECEIVED APR 11/12: Releasing Out of Season or Undersized Fish: Well Guys, it took over a month, but I just heard back from MNR: "Dear Mr. (XXXXXXXXXXXX): Thank you for your email dated March 1, 2012. I am pleased to respond. The Ontario Fishery Regulations, 2007 indicate that a person fishing under the authority of a sport fishing licence must immediately return a fish to the water if the retention and possession of that fish is prohibited by the regulations. If the fish is alive, it is to be released it in a manner that causes the least harm to the fish. A person is required to return the fish to the water without delay and in a manner that minimizes harm to living fish. The objective is to do as much as possible to ensure the survival of the fish. You had inquired about removing deep set hooks onboard rather than cutting the line at water level. In many cases, removing deep-set hooks may be the least harmful way to release the fish, therefore assisting in its survival. The Ontario Fishery Regulations, 2007 are laws that are put into place to help ensure the sustainability of Ontario's resource. By quickly returning the fish to the water, the mortality rate is reduced and the fish lives to grow, reproduce and contribute to the ecosystem, and get caught another day. When enforcing these regulations, conservation officers do so with the intent of the legislation in mind and exercise discretion accordingly. Sincerely, Lois Deacon Director, Enforcement Branch Ministry of Natural Resources
  7. Used a 40 Merc for years on various lakes and I was quite surprised how good it was on gas, small boat though (Fibre -14'). Always backed-off the power after getting on plane which made a pretty-big difference. I had all kinds of weed problems on Georgion Bay and Pigeon Lake. Managed to solve that problem for the next season, sharpening the prop and it worked well. Just purchased a merc 9.9 for the new boat, Seamax 14' Inflatable. Told performance v gas usage should be very good, I would think that may be due to the boat being light weight compared to fibre glass?, we'll see.
  8. Pigeon Lake has a lot of rental cottages available, but I wouldn't wait too long. Fished a week twice out of a place called Camp Fisherman ( http://www.campfisherman.com/ ) near Peterborough, excellent place.. boat launch, mooring and choice of cottages. It was a number of years ago so I'm not sure of it's ratings now. But Pigeon and Buckhorn are right there and I caught the only two muskies I had caught in Pigeon. Pike, Bass and Walleye were abundant then too. There are just-beneath surface shoals there so I'd grab and check a hydrographic chart before planing off the beaten paths.
  9. Getting parts for the older cannons may be fun..If your having problems finding cannon parts, you might check out cannon parts at Fish307. I have ordered all sorts of cannon parts from them..good prices and fast. Found the cheapest way to bring in the stuff from the USA is USPS/Canada Post. Under hundred they don't charge for Brokerage, just a flat fee of eight dollars and tax. Freight's cheaper than overnight methods too.
  10. Went to a smaller boat w/a merc 9.9. But purchased a 50 lb thrust electric and good deep cycle battery so I'll be using it quite alot this summer. Intend to patch in a minimum, 90 watt 7 amp solar panel for next year, using the merc to travel and the electric to troll. A little surprised to read three weeks on 7.5 costs 300.00? That's a hundred a week or what.. a 6 gallon tank a day roughly?
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks for your comments, though down riggers I'm familiar with, the planer system I'm not and am told it's an effective method perhaps cause it's much quieter out there? Billy Bob: Yes, it would be a single line. Curious to learn why an eight foot vertical planer-mast is best? Could it be the keep the mast line out of water (reduced drag)? BillM: Thanks for your insight on mounting near bow. That may be a bit of a problem as I believe I'll be somewhat limited on base mounting i the bow area cause of the boat type. Basically I feel I'll need transom support which is why I may need to keep it midship, perhaps the starboard side?; the d rigger on the port? Stonefish: Yeah, I hear yah. My first thought was when using both the downrigger and planer at the same time, having the two Mounted close to each other might work best when I'm the only one i the boat. Perhaps that's not going to work, at least from the same side. Skeeter: Yes I can understand that but the initial thought was never to have the d rigger line on the mast, it would have a boom of it's own mounted 90 degrees from the vertical planer-mast. Well, you guys have certainly changed my thinking on the concept of running them off the same base on the same side of the boat. As for electrically operated, that's a given as I already have the two motors needed and the manual cannon lake stroll I just converted to electric's been tested and easily (drags) and lifts a fitteen pound weight so I know these low-cost 12v motors are up to the task. My first concern, before all your great input was the two line torque-force that would be continually placed on the mount. I now see I have many other important things to consider. Thanks for all your thoughts, it's appreciated. Scott
  12. HI, Billy Bob, What I might do or at least thinking of, is making a Mast for Planer System (12 oclock vertical) and a Boom for the Downrigger (10 oclock arch) and both side by side facing the port side and sharing the same swivel base. I'd like to use both at the same time though each would be powered individually. Any advice would be muchly appreciated. I think it's feasable? Thanks for your help. Terry, It would be two separate systems sharing the same base. I do not have the space to run the d-rigger out the stern and think it may be easier to run both at the same time if they were mounted on the same base facing the port side? Hopefully, the design would allow to run both or either one at anytime? Thanks for the help. Thanks Guys. Anything more, feel add your thoughts.. Scott
  13. Hi all, Looking at fish307 for down rigger parts yesterday, I came across a Dual Planer Board system I had not seen before..see: http://www.fish307.com/bertscustomtackle3footdoublereelplanerboardmast-mf3073d3.aspx After looking at the three big OEM planer systems, manual and electric, I asked myself why are they not offering a combo system: 1 Elect Down rigger and 1 mast type Planer system? Actually I thought about it quite a bit as in my thinking it would make great sense to have two (scissor-like) booms, one for each. Unless someone can tell me why they are not offering a connected combo, I will be making a combo this Fall as a sort of winter project. I had planned on making another electric down rigger, but after seeing (see link above), I see no reason not to make a dual boom combo. What do think, is it a feasable project? Thanks
  14. Great price and warranty. As long as your not in a hurry it will do the job. The most important thing these days is that the charger is logic controlled to prevent overcharging. Nothing wrong with using a deep cycle to start a twenty-horse as well as using it for lights, trolling motor and other equip. Your enging may even produce 5 amps and charge the battery on it's own. Usually recent engines over 9.9 have a battery charging circuit.
  15. Thought I mentioned it elswhere here, but Lebarron had a great deal going, I bought it. Not sure if the sales still on but here's the info: Minn Kota Endura C2-50 lbs Min Kota (5amp) logic Charger $50.00 mail in rebate $189.00 Without a dout, the best deal I had come across and I had been looking since last fall.
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