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  1. good to hear the saskatch won.
  2. I believe that parents are responsible for what their children watch on tv/listen to on the radio, but I also believe that the radio station should do the same as most TV stations do and give a warning to listeners that there are "Graphic details" about to be heard so take your children out of the room or switch the station. I am also getting rather disgusted in the way these so called "news reporters" beat at aleady dead horses for days, neigh, weeks on end.. take, for instance, poor Anna Nicole Smith. JUST LEAVE HER IN PEACE! Jeeez!! When someone dies, it should be a private family affair, not splattered all over every source of media known to man until even the most braindead accident victim lying in a hospital bed somewhere with a tv can recite the gruesome details to you! I don't need to know what was in her fridge! The poor woman was obviously tormented and died a very tragic death. Now leave her family to sort out the details and get on with your own pathetic, miserable existences. SOME reporters make me sick. November of 1996, there was a serial rapist terrorizing the North York/York Region area of Toronto. The man was described as black, early twenties, medium build. One of the victims was able to give a description that lead to a police composite sketch which was released to all the newspapers and tv stations. One night, my best friend's boyfriend, walked her to the bus stop so she could go to work, and on his way back home he was arrested by York region police under suspicion of being the attacker. He was aggressively interrogated for more than 10 hours without food or water. At 5am, he was given a polygraph test, which he was told he failed. He asked for a lawyer repeatedly but was denied. He realized the only way they were going to stop was if he confessed. They were telling him point blank to his face that he did it, even though he knew he didn't. Finally, just to get some rest, he faked a confession. Of course, DNA evidence cleared him of all charges a week later. . and they did catch the real rapist eventually... But in the meantime, his face, name, and any tiny detail about him, his life, and his girlfriend- MY best friend- , were PLASTERED everywhere that you turned. TV stations, radio, newspapers, all pointing the finger at him and saying that he was a rapist. My poor friend, she couldn't show her face anywhere for weeks, even months! People gave her dirty looks wherevere she went, someone even threw rocks at her one day! They were evicted from their apartment because the landlady believed what she saw on tv and in the papers rather than believe the truth. This was a man who at the time, was a security guard waiting to get into the police academy. Because of the media, his name was tarnished and so was my friend's. It took years to come back from that. All because of a story, blown out of proportion, sensationalized if you will, with UN-TRUE "facts" that anyone with a tv, radio, or 0.50 cents to buy a paper were bombarded with. When it comes to stories like these... sometimes the public really doesn't need to know... especially impressionable young minds...
  3. LOL! And I was here trying to do a search for all threads with "lures", "hanging lures", etc... Imagine how much time I wasted..
  5. YAY!! HAPPY DANCE!! WOOT!! I had already sent him a pm asking to send it to me but you beat him to it! Thank You!!
  6. Thanks guys, I think irishfield has it... it looked like it could have been a laundry room, lol. Roy, I have never been on the Musky Striker board, it was definitely the old OFC board that I saw it. Thanks anyway.
  7. Thanks, I thought of that too, but something with shelf space would be more appropriate for the space I am working with and the amount of "stuff" needed to be organized. I am thinking along the lines of one of those closet organizer thingys? Maybe someone has some more knowledge/experience with this? I have to fit a lot of stuff into not a lot of space. lol.
  8. I think it may have been before the board changed over to OFC, but there was a thread where ppl showed off their lure collections.. one guy had built some shelves (made of that metal/wire stuff- the kind of shelves they use for closets, fridges, etc.) and had all his lures hanging from the wires.. sorry I don't remember who it was.. If anyone remembers the name of the thread or can find me the pic again, plz, I would really appreciate it.. trying to come up with something to organize all the fishing gear, lures, etc. a bit better and I thought it was a great idea. Thanks! ~CK~
  9. no comments from the peanut gallery. OT- I also think I would have liked to have gone fishing with Bob Hunter and Steve Irwin. Now THAT would be an adventure!
  10. Well, nobody really taught me how to fish.. I guess you could say Raf and DipLip are sort of teaching me little by little.. and what better teachers to have, right? Two people I would give my right arm to spend more time with, fishing or otherwise, would be my mother- who passed away when I was 5 yrs old, and my grandmother, who passed away in 1999. They never fished that I know of, but it would have been nice to be out in the great outdoors with the women of my family, talking and laughing and sharing a wonderful bonding experience. RIP Mom and Gramma. Oh yeah.. and in answer to the Monroe comment (you know who you are).. I pick Wentworth Miller and Milo Ventimiglia. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah....
  11. I just got home (I live on the North York/Etobicoke border) and it is certainly coming down out there! Been heavy since about 6-6:30 this evening.. I was out running errands and shtuff and got stuck in it pretty bad. A couple centimetres on the ground already and cars are having trouble stopping. I almost got hit a couple times crossing the street. Drivers, give yourself lots of braking room before a stoplight. It's slippery out there. Don't speed, take your time. Hope most of you are inside and toasty warm right now anyway. Don't go out unless you have to.
  12. Hmm.. and just in time for Valentine's day... I guess there's no point in me getting my hair done, lol. The wind and snow will just undo it in two seconds. PS- I like the new smilies. I might have to borrow Davey Crocket's hat up there to keep warm. Either his or Uncle Buck's white one. Not only warm but apparently lucky.
  13. ~CK~

    NO WAY!!

    Ahem... and here I thought I was going to get one...
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