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  1. I'm going up this Thursday the 16, will let you know when I get back how we do. Group I know was up this past weekend and they finished with 88 wallys.
  2. Our group did the on-ice bungalow thing for years at a few different outfitters. We changed it up 4 years ago to try the cottage/day hut thing and we will never go anywhere else since we started going to Nanmark. Ryan has an extremely loyal client base for a reason, like Porkpie said they are great people and they only run 2 cottages in the winter so it is a really easy going experience. He drives us out in the morning, we fish til we feel like it, come in for lunch and go back out when we feel like it. Not to mention we iced 110 wallys last year in a weekend, no need to stay out on the ice.
  3. Nanmark's Lighthouse Resort. You will not regret it.
  4. They work great, wouldn't be out camping without them.
  5. If anyone is looking for a cottage/day hut operation, I would highly recommend Nanmark Lighthouse Resort in Callander Bay. After doing Glen Echo, Bear Creek on-ice bungalows for the past 5 or so years, I can honestly say I will never go anywhere else as long as there is a weekend available for us at Nanmark. Ryan has only 1 cottage available as far as I know for winter weekends but it is absolutely beautiful and the service is second to none since you are his only group for the weekend. I know most people like the sleeper huts to fish 24/7, but with the huts being +/- 500m out from the cottage, we fished both nights as late as we felt like staying, which was once the fish slowed down after dark. Just a text and Ryan was out to get us. Fishing was great too, no keepers last year for us but that's the same story anywhere it seems. PM me if anyone would like more details, I was really surprised about this place and can't say enough good things.
  6. can't say enough good things about blue heron resort...further up river but you can't beat the accommodations and hospitality. guide dennis will put you on the fish and the price is so reasonable you'd be stupid not to take him with you on the first day or so there.
  7. I am just as in favour of blasting a few of these flying rats as the next guy as I've seen their populations explode in a number of areas I've fished over the past decade that being said, I must give my two cents... Agreed by most I suppose is that there is no way we could have a free-for-all on cormorants, however a lot of fuss is being made over how should they be controlled. Science is the all encompassing rule of how research is conducted and results are processed in biology-pretty straightforward. Think about the time that realistically may go into this process (in an academic realm): 6 months-1year: Researcher(s) comes up with a proposal for a study (cormorants), seeks approval and funding before even starting. 5 years(ballpark): Researcher(s) conduct fieldwork i.e. tracking, capturing, observations, and data collection/calculations. 6 months- Researcher(s) compile results, compare, contrast and make generalizations, suggestions and proposed control method. 1-11/2 years-Review process, final report sent to other various experts in the field to approve of the findings and so on. 7-10 year process right there...again I cannot wait for the day (if it may ever come) where I can blast every cormorant that comes within 50 yards of my duck blind, but we can't go saying they're not doing anything. When the reps from the Ministry say "we're working on it", well they are. Its a drawn out process that takes longer than we'd hope, but hopefully the work being done (I am by no means an expert on the matter) will result in some positive solutions for the issue and right decisions.
  8. great work, that loon experience must have been incredible
  9. tell ya what if vance's resort is in vance's bay, i consistantly caught the biggest walleye of my trip last year in the weed beds around the islands there. 8-12 fow worm harness on a bottom bouncer trolled sloowwwwww produced some absolute pigs, but if you want numbers jig the reefs out on the main lake.
  10. i actually have a garmin gps map 76 and i was wondering if anyone knows how much a chip/card or whatever it is you have to buy to upload maps of different lakes onto my gps would cost? -bassboy-
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