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Wishn' You Where Fishin' come and Join us this summer 2021
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Hello All,

Not sure if it will make a difference or not, but I've started a petition to allow boat launches open for fishermen - it is worth a try!

Please show your support by Signing and Sharing! Petition to Doug Ford: Ontario Boat Launches Open to Fishermen.
Giant Wisconsin Yellow Perch!
This beast of a Yellow Perch which I do believe was caught in Wisconsin was 17" long and had a 16" girth! They didn't scale it for weight as they released it! Absolute GIANT!
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So the last few months we've had quite a few complaints about the shenanigans that go on, generally in Non Fishing Posts, around here.  Seems like some people just can't be reasonable and are offending quite a few folks sometimes very deliberately.   We do our very best to try to keep this a moderated board, it's not facebook after all and we want everyone to feel comfortable here.  I have never ever been a big fan of removing/banning people from the forum / board.  I also have tried my best to keep most of the discussions in one place, (for 20 years now)  but sadly I think we are done with that... so without any further ado, were announcing a couple changes for the better. 

1st thing: all posts that are not Fishing or at least outdoors or outdoor equipment related should be posted in our new sub forum. (if they are not, they will be moved there)

 Non-Outdoors Open Discussion

You'll notice we've moved some posts there already!  We've had a lot of feedback from folks that really only want to see fishing or outdoor posts when they first get on there, but I've always said that as a COMMUNITY we should feel free to be able to ask for help and discuss subjects that are not outdoor related, so now there is a special spot for that!

2nd thing:  We're going to start using some of our Moderation tools a bit more effectively.  If a member can't be reasonable, they will be put on whats called ModQ, which means for a period of time all posts will have to be approved by a moderator when one happens log in.  Honestly, if a user (ANY USERS - OLD OR NEW) can't be reasonable here and feels the need to troll there are plenty of other places to do it.  We will be using this tool more and more in the coming months.  If you can't say something nice or in the very least constructive, please don't say anything at all.. (Your Mom should have taught you this already)

So that's about it.  Have a great day everyone!!  Be Safe Out There. 
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Am I the only one to have noticed that Panfish (Blue Gills, Pumkinseed, Crappies, Perch)  seem to have almost vanished within a couple of hours drive east of Toronto? In places like Rice lake, the Kawarthas, Scuggog,  Balsam etc they are nowhere to be found, even with live bait. A total crash of these populations. Is it the round gobies that have extirpated them? Or something much worse, like a total collapse of the ecosystems? 
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"JUMBO" Time
They're all set up and biting! This is going to be a beautiful weekend to get out for a feed of perch! We released the biggest ones to help sustain the population! 1/8 oz. Ultra Tungsten ball jigs with various plastics were the key! Figure out what depth they're at, stay on that depth using your Navionics charts and you'll smash them but please be selective.
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My god,this is very serious. I hope the province steps in and supports ALL affected. I also hope the insurance companies are not going to look for loop holes so they don't have to pay out.


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Who's signed up for this Saturday's Perchin' For MS Fishing Derby? Looks like it will actually take place this year! Fun event & a great cause! http://www.perchinforms.com/
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Beautiful sunset on the French River, the deep colour is partially caused by the smoke from last years forest fires. (Parry Sound 33)
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2019-2020 Hockey Thread
Saw my first Leafs pre-season game this evening.

It was a pretty decent outing by the buds.

The kids are playing well.
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Hey Guys. 

My 2 sons have taken up hunting. Grouse, rabbits and waterfowl. They are thinking of exploring Tamagami area crown land early November. Will Camp in the woods.  Does anybody have any advice on where approximately  to go for grouse and rabbits?  And the likelyhood of success.  Thanks  Peter 

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Workin' Down @ The Lake
I'm currently on week 2 of my extended summer vacation and have been hard on getting some cabin building done. First thing needed was a dry, shady and bug free zone to chillax in when the working was done.


Threw up this temporary shack in a weekend.


Now onto the cabin building segment.

Took a lot longer than expected to layout the foundation.

Drilled 1/4" holes in the granite to drop my nails into to run my string lines.


Then it was time to drill 1" diameter holes 8" deep to drop my pier saddles into.


Then the saddles had to be set in non-shrink grout to hold them in place, before running my water level to figure out pier heights.



Then it was time to install my piers.



Now I need to frame in between the perimeter piers and once that's done I can install my floor joists.

If all goes according to plan I will have a floor by next week sometime.


Oh, and to keep it fishing related I did get out here and there and even managed to catch some troots!!!
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You gotta admit , Aaron is incredible..

weather you like him or not ....


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I headed north with a buddy on Sunday to chase some muskies.  Tough bite with the cold front and I'm no musky expert, so we certainly struggled with the bite, but still got into a few chucking blades around rock/weed transitions in 6-18ft of water.  Quick video of some of the fish. Enjoy.

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HUGE muskie
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Hey everyone. 

For the past 2 to 3 seasons I have really been enjoying using braided line for the first time in my life. I’ve noticed better hooksets and less lost fish. 

After 4 days camping and leaving my rods out in the sun (no choice) my dark green line looks like it’s faded to a brighter tan. Am I just seeing things or does braided line fade? If it does will it effect the fishing? Will fish see this off colour? How often does everyone replace their braid? Thanks. 
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Heading up to the basin next week and wondered if anyone has fished there in the last week or two? With the water being cooler and higher this year I am wondering if the bite is better? I plan to try a few spots I have not fished in about 20 years since the last time the water was this high.
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Ontario fires
As most of us are aware, central Ontario is under siege of fire, with folks being evacuated from their homes from Parry Sound to Sudbury. I thought it might be a good idea to keep a thread open on this topic as many of us are intending to head in that direction in the coming weeks. Any insight that can passed along from folks local to the scene or those who have traveled in the area, I think would be useful to us all.

Not going to worry at this time about who is or isn't responsible, more interested in how this affecting both locals and those visiting the areas.

Here's a link to the governments web site with up to date info.


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Time for a fishing report!
Boys, it has been a long, long time since i posted a fishing report, so bare with me. (I can't even remember how!)

My Daughter Amanda and I try to get out whenever we can....usually for Father's Day...especially when I was boatless and we had to rent one. Well, all that changed last year and things have been getting better ever since! This was a couple of weeks ago, and we went up to Georgian Bay for the day. I forgot how awesome that area can be to fish and I have already been back once since this trip! Just like an addict....I'm hooked!

We started out right off the bat and Amanda picked up a real decent Large Mouth on a drop shot rig. She was using a lure that they had bought me for my Birthday and they seemed to be the ticket.The fishing was pretty much non-stop all day with 7 different species of fish caught between us! I used the same soft plastic bait, but on a jig head.Little 3" swimbait.

I got a couple of nice ones too!

Amanda picked up a nice Black Crappie, and we would have loved to get a few more of those. Maybe next time.

Amanda hooked into and lost something huge. We could see it way down in about 20 feet of water, but She was not able to bring it in close enough for an accurate identification before it spit the hook. We were both shaking and thought maybe a huge Walleye? We kept fishing the same area and finally solved the mystery. Channel cat! I got my first one and I think I am still shaking! Those things fight like bulls! Especially on light gear! I have got small Bullheads over the years, but they come up like wet socks! Not this thing! I ended up with a pair.

Don't forget Small Mouth, nothing huge, but plenty of them and lots of fun!

We rounded out the trip with plenty of Perch, huge Bluegill, and Pumpkinseed Sunfish! All in all, one of the best days of fishing I have had in a long time and I got to share it with a great fishing Buddy!
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New 10% Tariff On US-made Boats
I think most people are aware that Trump has went ahead and imposed new tariffs on steel and aluminum that's exported from Canada into the US. I think most also know that in retaliation, Canada has outlined something like $16 billion on tariffs on various products coming into Canada from the US. The official list of products specifically includes boats, both aluminum and fibreglass.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT BUYING AN AMERICAN-MADE BOAT, you better get on your horse and do it asap. Effective July 1, those new Canadian tariffs come into effect and the cost of your boat will go up by 10 percent.

Beyond that, the cost for dealers to replace inventory that's on their lot today will also go up by an additional 10 percent (at a minimum) since boat builders in the US are now paying 10 percent more for the aluminum they import from Canada. The net result is that the retail price of US-made boats sold in Canada could increase by 20 to 25 percent by mid-summer.

Barring a sudden flip-flop by Trump,  or a deal on NAFTA, boats and engines are going to become much more expensive. If you're in the market, do the deal now before the new taxes come into effect and save yourself some serious coin.
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Town of Temagami under evacuation alert.

MNR fire has notified me that they are putting
Temagami on Evacuation Alert. People should be prepared to leave if notified of an evacuation. If people want to leave on their own they need to go North as per MNR direction
The emergency community group is being activated and meeting shortly
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NFLD bound
Well I'll try to make this as short as possible, it'll be hard to do. I have travelled the maritimes for 30 years, majority has been spent in Nova Scotia but a fair bit in the others to be sure, the one glaring omission is Newfoundland! I've always wanted to go just for some unknown reason I've never pulled the trigger. After last years NS trip I made a pact with myself that 2018 would be the year I go. A lot can happen in a year, such as I finding a lady friend that will put up with my crap (we've known each other for over 10 years) but that could have put a dent into my plans, however she also wanted to see NFLD badly, so you might say it's kismet. I love to camp so a camping vacation is what I planned to do, however she has a bad back so sleeping on the ground would not do, fix was turning my Rav4 into a sleeper....honestly I doubt I'll ever put the rear seats back into it, it rocks!! My buddy also inherited a "car tent" that he's never used so I couple that with my car & it's like a traveling condo. So really there was nothing left to do but go
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Got up to Lac Seul for the first time a few days ago. Went with some friends and their uncle from Edmonton. Wanted to show him the lac Seul walleye experience...hmmmmmmm....took 4 hours to land the first fish....that has never happened before. heard reports from all over of the same experience last week. Some of the fish we caught when they eventually decided to bite were very skinny, also heard reports of this from all areas of the lake, hope its just the hot weather/low water.


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Canada Day weekend
There's only one thing we need to entice our Canadian bass and pike to bite
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