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Got up to Lac Seul for the first time a few days ago. Went with some friends and their uncle from Edmonton. Wanted to show him the lac Seul walleye experience...hmmmmmmm....took 4 hours to land the first fish....that has never happened before. heard reports from all over of the same experience last week. Some of the fish we caught when they eventually decided to bite were very skinny, also heard reports of this from all areas of the lake, hope its just the hot weather/low water.


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Canada Day weekend
There's only one thing we need to entice our Canadian bass and pike to bite
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Lake Eugenia
Hey guys just looking for any shore fishing spots on this lake ive heard about the public boat launch but its gets really busy with swimmers and boaters

any help would be appreciated thanks
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Just got back from northwestern Ontario and some great pike fishing.   I love these things, especially chasing giants in 2ft of water or less.   Biggest fish of the trip was 47in, saw ones much bigger but they were rather uninterested in my presentations but did enjoy sunning themselves   Surprise 29in walleye to finish the trip off as well!   The 47in was one of the thickest pike I've ever seen, shoulders on these fish (Even the high 30in fish) were insane.    You'll also notice no GoPro shots and fish being held 8ft away from us.  No need to camera tricks with these things.    Our best day was 12 over 40inches,  I caught 4, 42inchers in an afternoon but of course she got all the big ones, lol.   Can't complain, her first time pike fishing, she definitely got spoiled!  Biggest for me on this trip was 45in, I'll be chasing that 50 next spring.   No weights on these fish, just a quick measurement, pic then back they went.

47in giant..  she could barely hold on to it.


Bonus walleye!  Hit a Dr spoon, not surprised I've caught some pretty big walleye on pike gear
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I have some commitments down here this weekend and the long weekend we are entertaining some non fishing people.  I may be able to get out before they come up but not sure yet.  I am off for a week during Canada day so I do plan on fishing a lot in the magnetwan area and I am heading to the inlaws for a few days up in marten river/Temagami so that will really be my opener.  

Where are you guys fishing the bass opener.  All signs are pointing for the bite to be on!  


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The boys down here have been following the show since it started. It's more about the personalities and onboard drama than catching 500lb fish. Does anyone here on OFC? We all have our favorites and a few we wish fell overboard. I have seen episodes where they have fought a fish for close to 24 hours. They sure earn their money. Dave Marciano in his scow that is held together by duct tape is most of the guys faves. Dave Carrano on the Dot.Com is an airline Pilot that does it for a hobby is least likeable. Without his great crew he couldn't catch a cold. For every fish he catches is 1 less fish for those that depend on the Tuna fishery to feed their families, like Marciano. Up therewith Carrano is the kid who's father bought him a fishing oat to get him out of the house "The Pinwheel," he's a pinhead. There's a few crews that act like The Keystone Cops when a fish is on, mayhem followed by bedlam.

The thing that gets me about this reality show is no matter what sonar they have on board they all make the identical "bdeep, bdeep" when they mark a fish, courtesy of the editors. My Brother-in- Law from SE Nova Scotia grew up commercial fishing with his Grand Father and Father. He hates boats, fish and the ocean. He is the antithesis  of a commercial fisherman, he has a LANDscaping business. He has broken 3 generations of commercial fishermen. He said if you want to know what it feels like to catch a 500 pounder throw a rope over the house and tie it to a fridge, then go to other side and reel it up and over the roof.
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Shes a Natural
This girl loves to go fishing, took her out targeting pan fish with a little ultralight rod, a small fly, and even smaller chunk of worm, and she got a very nice surprise. 
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