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    Locking up those that don't quarantine or isolate , then last night I see some politician calling for releasing non violent offenders from prison early to reduce the spread in that system, we are being governed by idiots.
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    I saw a sign nailed to a tree today that said "thank you nurses" Thought it was a darned nice gesture
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    Big Cliff these youngsters are picking on us old guys. If someone spotted me the A and the T I couldn't spell CAT. It's not that we are forgetful I say we have so much in our old brains after all these years we need to delete some things like spelling and remembering names before we can get more info into our ancient noggins. Just like a compuder. Once the RAM is full we need to delete some stuff.
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    Clint Eastwood plays the lead and directed it. A WW2 vet that becomes a drug mule for the Mexican cartel. Very good. Great cast too. Bradly Cooper plays the FBI agent. The Green Book is a 6 out of 5 for me. I can't count how many times we have watched it. Based on the actual Green Book that was used by African Americans along routes in the 60's. A true story of a NY Italian man that is racist but he doesn't know it driving a black concert pianist through the racist southern states to get to his performances. The actual Green Book listed those places that would serve and house Blacks. Sad as well as inspiring. To me anything that evokes a strong emotion in people is Art.
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    Here's another option for home made bread. Ever heard of Boston Brown Bread? Traditionally it was made in coffee cans and it's steamed in a pot with water in it. Google it. So years back I found an alternative method of making it in 500ml straight sided canning jars. It turned out great and it keeps for a long time in the sealed jars. It's a very dense and heavy bread, a little goes a long way. Now according to the government of course they don't recommend canning breads etc but screw them, this is only bread and I've never even ever heard of an issue from canning this. I know I've opened jars that were still totally sealed after many months and it was still great. Don't over fill the jars or it will seep out as it expands. This is the recipe I use, I didn't add the vanilla and raisins as I don't want it too sweet. Make sure the jars are straight sided and as usual with canning don't over tighten the lids. http://canninggranny.blogspot.com/2012/01/canning-boston-brown-bread.html Cheers
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    Is it a bit too early? Has anyone gone out for them yet? I am getting very antsy. It's been 2 years since I had my boat in the water and need to get out on the water ASAP. I was thinking the 1st hunt would be out of Jordan Harbour. Fish Farmer you out there? Fish Farmer come in please. Johnny D/Selkirk ON.
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    Thought I'd share a quick video on setting up for float fishing the Niagara River for steelhead, including tackle, floats, and baits. Enjoy and subscribe!
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    You know I’m the same age as you
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    Spelling is silly words that sound the same are spelled different, words that are spelled similar sound different..... I can do algerbra, trigonometry, geometry, but I never could master spelling. 😊
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    You didn’t ask me, but I’ve used both minn kota and motorguide GPS units over the past 6 seasons. If I had to settle on 1 I’d buy a minn kota terrova. I like the look of the auto deploy units and I’m sure it’d be great but I don’t want to deal with the potential of failure. The motorguide was ok but I prefer the terrova all things being equal. The one thing I will say is if my motor crapped out tomorrow I’d buy another one immediately. That’s how important it’s become to my fishing. Just my 2 cents.
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    Public shaming can be a good thing sometimes, IMO. The police cannot possibly catch all those miscreants. Some locals here returned from Florida and were seen wandering around chatting with neighbors. I sure the outrage expressed on our local very active FB page must have gotten back to them by now.
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    Yeah we knew that once it was established that the name of the movie was mule and not muel is
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    IMHO military needs to set up temporary field hospitals and isolation/quarantine residences. Motels/hotels are empty of tourists now and owners aren't making revenue so they can be easily taken over for this purpose especially close to airports where mandatory isolation/quarantine should made for all new arrivals for 14 day individual quarantine. Military ensures buses of arrivals go directly to the hotels/motels where military keeps the arrivals individually isolated/quarantined. Air travel got us into this mess in a hurry and it keeps digging the hole deeper for us all. Military doctors should man the temporary field hospitals where ONLY Covid-19 patients go. Hospitals are for everything else. Respirators go to the field hospitals with enough left for regular hospitals AND the machines used for anesthetic purposes can be converted into respirators. A US government video has been prepared on how to do this. Canada is still allowing arrivals but with 'mandatory' isolation. Ya right. Someone away for a while will need to restock their home. Low odds on some not going to get supplies before holing up since they 'feel fine'. Need tougher measures to reduce the curve. Hospital workers aren't being tested but are only screened for any symptoms. This IMO since if one has it then many go home. Gov't doesn't want this so..... the expression 'canon fodder' applies. Must keep Covid-19 out of hospitals if not too late already. Military is for hazardous issues. This is one. I read that the 2 US navy hospital ships are to be used for regular things while hospitals are for Covid-19. Insane reasoning since Covid-19 is relatively easy to deal with. Protection of the military will cost the lives of many due to this. The ships should deal with it.
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    Is 6 gauge wire to heavy of a gauge? Humminbird website says with the longest runs I should use 12G for both units with an inline fuse, 3amp for the 7's and 4amp for the 9. Will coiling up the transducer wire and taping the coil together cause interference? Unfortunately I don't have enough room to have a second battery for just the accessories. So I would out the graphs on first then the bank charger on top?
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    Green book. Really good true story.
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    Theres lots of video of this fish for all you armchair measuring scientists. Its legit. S.
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    Mine are direct to a dedicated battery that just runs my graphs. S.
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    Watched it like 10 times. One of his best IMO Kinda acts like that guy from On Golden Pond,,,,,,,,,,, Another great ole movie.
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    I agree 100%. If it was a choice between reusable pods and the same coffee in bodum there is no contest. The bodum wins every time. I only use Timothy's Extra Dark pods in my Keurig and put it on strong setting.
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    Fined any good jiggin spots Steve like the one off Grimsby a few years back. Man that was crazy for awhile. Since you talked me into a Ipilot I've been doing good Jiggin Walleye on Erie, plus it's a good Perch weapon👍😃
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    Bites good pick up some kings browns and lakers
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    Mom always used room temp water to make her Pizza dough. A branch of our family tree is in the bread business, Roma Bakery from Hamilton. Some may know their famous rectangular bread Pizza's they sell in many stores locally like Fortino's. I remember the owner telling Mom when he visited once years ago that if you use bad water and have bad air you end up with bad dough. They were talking about the terrible bread in Florida. By bad water I think he meant too many chemicals in the city water. I hope I get at least 51% for participation.
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    Andrew After 6 years away from my favorite fishing destination in Alaska I was planning to finally go again this year. I have already cancelled my plans (it was to be September/October) as during the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 I managed to get it and spend most of my vacation locked up in my camper or it might have been tent still at that time. This is much worse and the last thing I want to do is end up getting it. Will be spending all my time at my off grid cabin in the wilds of the NWT where it's safe.
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    I just checked that other fishing website, the one I banned myself from. A guy got a few buckets of nice Perch. From the eastern basin of Erie, That's the size of some European countries.
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    Thanks Dave, I know you mentioned you were going to wet the boat ASAP. Are all the usual suspects here this evening? It's the silly season for us, no ice fishing and early for the open water. The lake here has been like a sheet of glass for a few weeks now. I know there are Perch out here but where? All the usual spots we used to fish for them after ice out have been barren for years. Locals tell me they used to fill a bucket of Jumbos before they went to work or after work at the ends of the creeks. Getting Emerald Shinners is a must for them, in my books anyway. Guys tell me they only use rubber for perch here. I don't know about that. Finding shinners is tough. I'll ask Richard M. if he's been out in the bait boat yet.
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    We barricaded our whole territory. Only NWT residents and essential deliveries allowed in. NWT residents have to self isolate for 14 when returning from outside. We still only have 1 confirmed case to this point.
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    I tried to start my lawnmower with that miserable foul tasting &*[email protected]#. Not fit for human consumption.
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    It's all in the coffee Chris. I am very particular what pods I use. Most are rubbish and don't have enough coffee in them. Yes, french press is also good and use it often. Again the type of coffee, the grind and its freshness all contribute to great java. I like water just off the boil.
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    what the hell do I know...
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    We have idiots here who won't comply either. I know Mike and am dissapointed with him. Hopefully they make an example of him because of this. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/public-health-nwt-reality-tv-1.5513628?fbclid=IwAR2E6BOjrjwwmzHjVFYiUYrK2omQMA_lB1q8IXUJQkdbEZuZ5PH-pCBYblg
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    Unfortunately common sense isn't very common any more. Sadly there are many instances of people not practicing self quarantine or social distancing. My next door neighbour's kids just showed up yesterday from Fort Eire or where ever it is they live now and I looks like they are here for the duration, meanwhile they are out on the street talking to other neighbours, petting their dog...... Up until last weekend there was a bunch of them sitting in their garage drinking...... They run over to Timi's in the morning to get their coffee, some people just don't get it! I just heard that a man that had just returned from France decided to go grocery shopping in Noelville (where he lives), the store is now closing so they can disinfect the entire place to protect other customers and staff. JUST PLAIN STUPID and SELFISH!!!!
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