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    This beast of a Yellow Perch which I do believe was caught in Wisconsin was 17" long and had a 16" girth! They didn't scale it for weight as they released it! Absolute GIANT!
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    Roll of dog crap bags... tear one off, put your hand in and fill your gas and shake the thing off into the garbage.
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    Keepin busy here at the house... HH
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    My sister works at Dollarama, she told me they have to stay open because they sell food, cleaning products, personal hygiene products..... she is being VERY careful, she is worried but also glad she can be there to help people. Doesn't surprise me at all, if she wasn't working there she'd be volunteering at a hospital or something.
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    it’s a thought to keep us going in these difficult times. Keep well my friends.
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    That works but a pain to remember; at least for me. Get a box of exam gloves. Yeah I know medical gloves are scares; but mechanic’s (Latex/rubber or whatever they are) gloves are still available. My one supplier shows over a 100 boxes of gloves in stock. 100 gloves per box for around 15 bucks; that’s only 30 cents a pair. Use them and pitch them. Most of the brands are 5 mil. thick so they do not tare easily. I put a box in my truck; go into a store, I’m warring a pair. Dan.
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    Quite the frame. Should do a good job of holdIng the awning together in the wind.
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    I am getting a new Sunbrella travel cover done for my StarCraft Superfisherman 190 next week for $750.00. That is a very fair price after pricing one for a few years. If anyone is interested in getting a new cover PM me and I will give you their number. They are in Dunnville. I have nothing to do with their business other than as a customer. I have seen the work they do and was impressed. Johnny D
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    Gonna put them on hold for at least a year.
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    If they are serious about controlling the spread and number of people affected by this disease it only makes sense?
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    Tom, on my first small ones i used short wide pieces of biot! Pita!!! Then i used turkey feathers painted with Fabric Fusion! Stays flexible when dry and easy to cut to shape! I also tried pieces of old VHS tape. Kinda worked! Experiment!! Cheers! And thanx for the compliment!
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    Well we are being told we are essential. I work for a large multinational manufacturer... our plant does not make masks, gowns or gloves. 1000+ factory workers.... this is definitely going to get worse, before it gets better. But we are told to practice social distancing which is near to impossible! Are they protecting us? Or their bottom line?
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    Looks to me his elbows are well back against his body. Not strait out
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    Thanks G Good to hear from you as well, stay safe bud .
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    Nice size awning Dave. Is it fixed or can you roll it up?
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    I wonder if they mean on the side with birds of prey. The other side where they fish might be a different story. Still thinking about going for a drive. Even if it’s just for a drive to get out of the house. If it’s not posted, I will still try to fish. Tight lines
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    Hey Brian! All is ok here....just trying to keep the 4 teens in our house level headed as we navigate through this new world reality!
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    That couple are members of our fishing club. They made a travel cover for my boat and a awning for my deck on the back of my house. 10X16
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    H2O2 with a spray pump on it. Cheap and very effective.
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    Why I have decided to put away the ice gear David and brought out the waders and long rod til open water gets here . Will float on my toon when the time comes for some yellas bellies and whities,when the season opens again. Be safe all
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    Hide them before Armageddon. I've seen the movies. Mel Gibson comes to mind.
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    I;d suggest a J-cloth wetted with bleach and kept in a baggie.
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    Just got back from Port Dover to fish the pier, it got Barricaded just before I got there.
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