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    Yes, they are chowing down on those!
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    Hi all, Got out for some whitefish and lake trout. Had not had a laker all year until today. Actually went to the same spot two days ago and managed one whitefish and some pike and lost two trout at the hole, one being the biggest trout I have ever had on my line, felt like throwing up. That first day there were tons of fish around but they were being finicky, so I went back today much earlier in the morning, it paid off! Had around 8 whitefish in the 24” to 27” range, a couple of pike and landed two lakers, the bigger one at 34” and lost 3 with numerous chasers, all that packed into 4 hours made for a fun morning. I was fishing in 34’FOW , pike and lakers were on a 4” tube jig, and the whitefish were going crazy for a 1” purple and white crappie tube jig on a blue and glow 16th oz jig.
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    I thought it was decent, something to do on a cold day when I'm stuck in the city My 4 year old son liked driving the RC boat (the guys working the RC boat thing are great) and he liked pulling in the rainbow from the fish pond that I snagged in the mouth for him, lol
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    It,s the new live target hookless bait .
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    Roasting chestnuts are we?
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    Finally got out for some Whitie action, saw quite a few on the Garmin unit and few co-operated! The ones that did bite on a Meegs(Surprise) and the NEW Freedom Blade Bait! When we moved into shallow water (28FOW) for some perch, I lost a Whitefish that was probably close to double digits on a Slab Grabber. Interestingly enough and maybe we can get some feedback from other Simcoe ice anglers, every fish we caught had no fin clips so I'm assuming that they're naturals! Fought it for a long time on 4 lbs. test and of course lost her right at the hole! LOL Got to test out my NEW Striker Climate Suit and I love it, very comfortable, warm and lots of practical features plus the security of the flotation. If anyone is looking for a new Floater Suit I would definitely recommend this brand! Gonna do a video on it shortly, will post it when it's done.
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    What a great day for the last edition of the Perchin' For MS event today! It was cold but sunny and the wind wasn't nearly as bad as they called for plus the fishing was pretty good! Some great weights brought it by the top ten teams. My partner, Al Russell & I were lucky enough to win "Big Fish" of the event, unfortunately we were a fish shy of a limit, leaving us in the also-ran division! LOL The Jumbo weighed in a 1.765 lbs. came on a Jigging Rap and set an event record for "Big Fish"! Slab Grabbers also played a key role in our bag. Great event that raised a lot of money to help people suffering from MS and research but Doug Poirier the creator and organizer of this event announced that this would be the last year for this event. His deteriorating health for MS makes it difficult for him to continue running it, hopefully someone picks up the reins. Kudos for Doug and all his volunteers for hosting a phenomenal event. Congrats to everyone in the top 10, I didn't get a list son you can check www.perchinforms.com for them later, of course there were the usual suspects up there!
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    Be more like 7 here. But then you need to account for the much harder ice and the work it takes to constantly clear the flights once you get past the top of them. If you don't say goodbye to your auger as it gets permanently welded into the hole. I would say you would get 3 at most. I wonder how long it would take you to drill through 60" of ice? With my 3HP 10" it takes 3-5 minutes to drill one hole. That's the reason I rarely drill more than 6 holes in a day. The most I have drilled has been 12 through 5 feet of ice.
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    Very nice tournament for a great cause. Thank you for the report and the participation. Art
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    It was new this year, so I'm not sure any retailers got them in but they'll be readily available for next season!
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    I was there. Decent show, lots of nice fishing boats, Bill's Bait and Tackle had a good amount of stock there! I picked up a New St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass crankbait rod I was wanting.
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    Yeah, those type of augers are pretty much useless by December up here.
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    Is that an upchucked gobie in the last pic?
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    And the burnt holes on the suit from the muffler . LOL
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    Nice fish and report Dave. The elbow cop will be along shortly. 😂
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    Who is selling north of the boarder David ? Been doing electric the past 8 years now. No complaints here. Different augers and drills . The clam plate with the wacky drill fuel is kick ass.
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