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    Hi all, I love sharing my passion and seeing the joy it brings.
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    My buddy brought up a 10lber this past weekend it was the width of a regular tank but flat like a saucer. Such a good idea the 20lber I lug around is overkill. I don’t need to carry 2 fishing seasons worth of propane with me lol
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    Just finished hooking up my new Little Buddy Propane heater to a 5 lbs. tank. So easy to move around and doesn't take up a lot of space. Fired it up and it worked great. Better than hauling around a 20 lbs tank. Should be interesting to see how well it heats my insulated Otter pop up.
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    All we've ever used is an auger in the corners. Amazing how fast you can pump water and great if you have someone on skates with a squeegy broom to move it while you run the auger.
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    Ya insulated for sure, but non, they are not the best, unless you have it under yer arse. Cool conversion
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    As long as you’ve got a backup I wouldn’t by shy to hunt around the main lake between lakeshore and the channel into Callander as mentioned in 22-25 and If your not doing anything then bang up agains the islands near shore and see if their in tight should be about 14-15 fow this time of year. I wouldn’t camp for long without some fish on the sonar though. Good luck!
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    Yah that's the thing I want to avoid. 20 lbs is overkill for me as I like to spend most of my time outside the hut :). Just like a spot to warm up when I need to.
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    Hey there Cliff! Sounds like you’re “Diggin’” Myrtle Beach! sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Have a great time.
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    Sure sounds like you are having a great trip my friend....Good on you Cliff !
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    Hi Dan if you want to leave from Callander Bay and you are bringing Sally there is a parking lot just north of the government dock that is much bigger for parking don’t know the name but it is right off of Main Street. There is a bait shop called Billy bops you will to google it not to far from the parking spot. I was there two weeks ago in 25 feet of water caught 6 small ones no keepers. Very light bight and don’t forget about the slot size
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    Well if you order it and have it shipped to me I can either forward it to you or bring it back with me the end of March and drop it at your door on my way up to French River. Let me know if that helps and I'll pm you my address.
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    You will never ice fish again! Enjoy yourself.
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    They should ban triploids from any sort of record books and this show lol!
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