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    I really can not put in words what this gift was and did to me. I will not get into to much, but when I got this gift from my oldest,I pretty much was very over whelmed. No matter our trials and tribulations, we both share the love of fishing.The last couple of years,we have started to understand each other more and more and reconnecting our father and son relationship ,has grown stronger. I am sure there are some here that can relate or understand. THE GIFT A 13 ft Rain shadow custom rod with custom turned seat . This rod was made by Mike Rumig . A friend of our own Spiel .I only know this as my son won this custom build earlier this year, and I had asked Chris about the builder. He said he was very good . I was happy my son had won this and was looking forward to seeing it once completed, but I did not expect it to be a gift to me .I can say this, Chris was not wrong. This is a sweet build. It is more then this ole man deserves, and I will cherish this rod til my days are done. I have to also say, it was almost built the way I would want it . I can not keep up with the young lad, but when I can get to fish with him, it is always be a great time . I have a new SST 3 that will be seated on it. Perfect combo it will make. Thanks for the great gift my son. Now to get some roe goo and slime on it. 🤣
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    Good things happen to good people😊🤗
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    My young nephew Teagan had had enough. We had a DD and a few drinks were flowing for the others. The bite was slow and the conversation was getting rich with crap. Teagan is still too young to drink and participate in the stupidity. Teagan had a sneer on his face and he grabbed the auger walked off. He walked into no man's land and cut a hole and set a line. Once he returned to base camp, one guy was singing "O holy night" acapella. It wasn't long before Teagan was sprinting back to no man's land because his rod was bouncing. He dropped the hammer on a beauty 9 pounder that would make the day a success and he would give himself an early X mas present, a new PB.
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    Over the last 4 days I've watched the lake go from nice black ice, to incredibly questionable ice. If your going out this week, make sure you at least have a spud bar, in the Peterborough/Lindsay area we've lost a fair bit of ice with 6* weather everyday, and its not looking to get better.
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    Did anyone else make it out fishing on Christmas this year? My girlfriend and I rented a Yurt on a private lake for 2 nights over Christmas. We had an amazing time! But the fishing was very slow. We tried everything we had, but only managed on perch!! We cooked Christmas dinner on the BBQ, and it turned out amazing! A few pics for ya'll.
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    58 F here in Grimsby, took the outdoor lights and decorations down, get'em while the gettins good 👍
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    Jeez I'm real sorry Chris, I didn't realize that opinions weren't allowed on this thread, unless their yours it seems. This is a hockey thread you know, not just a leafs one. Btw there is no miserable hatred here, that's just your misguided opinion. If the leafs were the only Canadian team left in the playoffs I would actually cheer for them. Seems like you're the one with hatred issues when it comes to the Sens and Habs. But seeing as how easy it is to get you going it's no wonder some folks like to poke at you, I think that's maybe what you don't understand. I'm curious about one thing. You sure hate it when the term Laffs is used by MM but then you have no problem using the term Scabs instead of Habs. Kind of hypocritical don't you think? And of course you never jab at anyone else right?
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    https://www.cottagesincanada.com/16238 The place is about 20 minutes north east of Huntsville. High recommend it.
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    Looks like a great rod and it will remind you of your son when you use it.
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    Congrats Brian, may it bring you hours and hours of riverside joy and memories.
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    Nice Brian, it's been a long road for you two.. but certainly glad you're walking streams together. Nice rod too by the way...
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    Going to keep the foam pads next time. Thanks
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    Brian, you will enjoy this forever. A piece of art and be proud of your son who gave it to you. You will think of him when a silver hooks up.. Must have made your day! treat it well my friend. Ps: Art , posting here on an iPad is like carving it out of stone! CANADIAN granite.
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    I'm not sure what model you have Huzz, but I'm wondering if the boots might be the issue more than the socks?
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    Great stuff, Brian. I just re-connected with son #2 after a longer period that I care to remember. He has lots of probs but it's good to be connected again. I hope to do whatever i can to help him overcome his probs
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    Way to go...now I want a chili dog. 😁
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    We all have a stage Mr B that we go through of disconnect and then finally reconnect with our family (some not so lucky in that manner) and I am Happy for you that you are there; reconnect. NICE gift by the way! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!
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    Jesus look at that handle. Glad you aren’t like my friends that buy high end gear but then keep it hidden in their basement while they fish with canadian tire gear its insulting to not keep that blank bent
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    The kit includes the case and is water tight. 70 bucks is shipped to your door
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