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    Haha, if it isn't on youtube, it's never been done.
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    People go a little crazy about impellers. It really depends on the types of lakes you run the boat in when talking about when to change it. If you fish the kawarthas you need to be changing that thing regularly. If you mainly fish open water on the shield Lakes you can definitely push replacement intervals out a little longer. The rubber does degrade over time so eventually they need to be changed, but in general if you are fishing clear rocky lakes and not running your motor through the junk, rice, grass, slop and mud like on the kawarthas all of the time you should be good to go.
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    Princess Auto $99. They also have the big chief smoker on for $299, and the mini on for $145.
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    I think you may be stuck with buying new. You are better off anyways. I also need one. Been looking for sales but havent found any yet lol.....they aren't cheap!!! S.
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    definitely take the time to learn to replace your impeller. If you are handy at all you can figure it out and the winter is the best time to learn! I learned how to do mine on youtube!
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    If possible get the impeller done threw winter or do yourself not a big job.
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    Thanks Brian, little bit more than I’m looking to pay but I appreciate the help !
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