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    Just because you are offended doesn’t mean you are right
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    I was thinking about the recent departure of Don Cherry and Mike Babcock and think they could start up a new show called Coachless Corner!
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    Easy solution do not open it, do not read it, do not comment. I get bitched at for letting them run or for shutting them down. Lets see if we can be adults here. Art
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    Sorry but insulting the lawyer and calling names and saying the lawyer needs clock cleaning is childish. You offer no logical address but become insulting. Seems all you have to offer. The term 'haters' comes to mind. Here is another thing to consider. I know many immigrants and have found that when first arriving they enjoy viewing their traditional sports. India folks I know love cricket, Palestinians say soccer is their fav and 'Kabaddi' is another India sport that I was asked to but was unable to attend at Rogers Stadium. Red necks and more traditional Canadians are more the hockey fans and the viewers of his show. To say he is focusing insults on just the wee percentage of 'immigrant' viewers and that he is not addressing the vast % of viewers who are not.... letting them off the hook re poppies is quite ridiculous. I meet new immigrants every day and many can't understand English so I doubt they even listen to the show. Oh and its been said here he can't identify immigrants since they are of all diff colors. Again, points to his obvious discrimination against any and all who don't wear one. You all need to forgive an old gentleman who apologized for using the wrong phrase who said he should have used the word 'everyone' instead. We all forgive this kind of stuff every day. I speak with someone in a hallway and someone else strolls up and begins speaking to the person in their native tongue. I say sorry folks Human Rights Code says speak in a language all here understand. But I don't run off trying to get anyone fired. But if they continue (never had this happen) I walk away and later when asked "Why did you go?" I give heck and blame the person I was speaking with for allowing a rude interruption. Still friends though. But LA may be on to something. Perhaps a ticket should be issued for people not wearing a poppy. $5. maybe. $10. if their kid isn't wearing it. JK but we should all expect the education system is properly teaching the young about what the poppy means. If there is a trend of less poppy wearing happening the issue is what can be done about it. Nobody focuses on this important consideration. Media hasn't from what I've seen. Instead media has sensationalized things to get folks upset and watching their shows/ads. All about money. Sad. Oh and LA, closest thing to a 'fact' is that Cherry wants everyone to wear a poppy and he is pissed that many people don't. Lots of proof over the years about this. His wording was admittedly wrong and he agrees he should have used the word 'everyone'. I agree with this sentiment, accept his apology and I encourage you do as well. Also I hope you wore a poppy and explained its meaning to your young son. Some here lost folks during a war and this whole poppy twist that media is pushing taints things somewhat. In my view the media is disrespectful of the dead and the ones who lost them.
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    Just donate a toonie or what ever you can afford, and wear a frigg,n poppy and be thankful for what "OUR" countries men and women did, to allow you and us, to live this free life we have here. Some feel they have been wronged here by the statement Don made, BUT, do you not wake up feeling free everyday ??????????????????? Is it so much to ask ? Remember this when you wake up each day here in CANADA. .
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    little story- I saw a co-worker I haven't seen in years outside the Liquor Store. He looked a little different, a few years can do that though. We chatted for 1.5 hours in the parking lot. He was toughest, meanest looking, most bad ass guy you could imagine, nobody stuffed with him. He could wear his Leaf jersey into any foreign rink and nobody would dare harass him. Now he was transitioning into a woman. We're still friends like we always were, we always have great conversations, I just try and show some extra support on facebook because it's big change and some people can't grasp it. I don't give a damn if someone's straight/ gay, skin colour, if I like hanging out with them, I like them sorry if I offended anybody on this thread
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    send in the gay guys then, I don't care, I just want to best person for the job, not hiring based on filling quotas which is what's happening in this silly era you're twisting what's been written and consistently missing the point intentionally to stir the pot, it's tiresome, you're counterproductive to your argument too
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    Thats like saying drive past a car wreck and not rubberneck. Human nature is a hell of a thing
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    It's not hard job to replace seals, fairly easy. Filling quite simple as well, lower front of boat as low as possible, tilt motor by hand or with switch and raise till its on bracket. Remove cap, fill with oil, work motor up and down and repeat. If using trim hydraulics to raise wait abotu15 mins before each cycle and before opening cap as air will escape and bubble created in HYD fluid from operating it with the switch. Manually lifting and lowering reduces that. The manual bypass needs to be opened all the way and closed all the way to do this.
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    I took it to also include me as I 'did 'come here by birth to immigrants. But having some experience with the way old people speak I simply feel his remark was that of an old gentleman who was getting worked up as he spoke about his seeing less poppies out there. As LA even said we don't know what is in his mind. My opinion is he was chastising everyone but his focus fogged a bit as he strayed to justify his stance by including many recent arrivals from places such as Syria or Iraq where media is drubbing into all of us that it's lucky they got here away from refugee camps and tyrant killers who took over their homeland. IMHO he was using the best example in his aged grasp to get all of us to realize what we have here that the fallen sacrificed their lives for. I vaguely recall the first thing I thought about after hearing his exact words on TV was a colleague who came here as a Syrian refuge who explained how she and her family were lucky to be here alive. So his remark hit home by reminding me how good we all have it here. He strayed in a direction where his evidence served as bad but true example of why we all should wear poppies. So he had a rant where he chose a true but bad piece of evidence of why we all should wear a poppy and donate to the Legion. He instead could have singled out a crippled soldier he met someplace to drive the point home but instead his old mind chose an example that was derisive. Nobody can tell me he was aiming only at immigrants. Anyone who knows what Cherry stands for knows he was giving everyone heck. Why he strayed into that example? Who knows. But I have witnessed seniors I know countless times when they are on a heated subject and spew examples that are a bit 'off'. When I try and correct them I get "You know what I mean!" It's all part of the aging process IMHO and to be forgiven even if not understood. Others around often whisper this kind of thing to me "She/he's ........92." Forgive and forget. Don't search for a rope and the nearest tree and don't attack as a 'hater'. We all experience discrimination in our lives. Some certainly worse than others. However this is Canada folks where we are not supposed to bludgeon the aged every time they make a poor choice of words.
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    Can't believe how you don't see the hypocrisy in these words. LA you are doing just that to an 86 year old man who is patriotic. He is different than you. Now you can twist my wording to infer I am saying you are not patriotic. AND if I say sorry I should have said "He is different than you and the rest of us.... or He is different than you or me" seems we would enter into an argument over semantics... with me being a meanee and you the poor victim. You certainly did insult the lawyer with your 'parking ticket' quip. No problem. But your crystal clear ....etc.. is missing completely. Prove he wan't aiming at his general audience to encourage everyone to wear a poppy. Prove he is letting people other than immigrants off the hook for not wearing poppies. Prove he has the belief that his audience was full of precise targets for his 'attack'. His targets were anyone not choosing to wear a poppy. His wording was poor but I want you to admit this or pose logical evidence or argument that his tirade excluded all others. Prove that everyone else is fine for not wearing a poppy in Cherry's book. If you or anyone else cannot accept his apology and move on then I am truly sorry for you.
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    I did not insult the lawyer, I said their logic was ridiculous and gave crystal clear reasons as to how I came to that conclusion, I did not call them any names, but you then call me names by saying I’m a hater, hater of what? Hater of a lawyer I would not want to represent me because I find their logic flawed? As consumers we all make similar choices, has nothing to do with ‘hating’ anything. You are also making up the story of what happened. You have invented and then introduced the idea, with only your say so to validate any of the statistics you provide, that Don's remarks were not targeted at immigrants because immigrants don't watch the show or if they do they cant understand English, that is so ridiculous I literaly laughed out loud in disbelief, even though I do not find it amusing at. Don was stating an opinion about immigrants ( “you people, that come here”) and who was watching at the time has no bearing on what he said. He could have been talking to a tree and his statement would still be racist. As for the Human Rights Code statement, please show me where it says your Human Right is that nobody in your presence should speak in a language you don’t understand, I suggest to you the HRC would protect the other person’s right to speak in whatever language they like! And as for telling me what the facts are , once again “ you people , that come here” does not equal “ everyone”.
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    I bet this came straight off facebook? It's trash either way.
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    My apologies if somehow my last post undermined the work of civil rights greats that was not my intentions. I was poking at the political correct Twitter mob who I picture as white millennial hipster types on a keyboard that are more offended by these topics then minorities themselves. In this case and others they have used the "R" word as a first punch in the debate, it may be perverse but I think Cherry was making a observation of the lack of poppies being worn by "those people". Is making an observation "r" if it's true? We don't know because the debate is whether Cherry is "r" even though he never singled out any particular demographic. Is it "r" that we automatically painted a picture in our minds of the people he was referring to without knowing exactly whom he was referring too? Did are minds go there because we have also made the same observation? Two candidates in the last election were called out as being"r" for wanting immigration reform, once again that label was used before it was even debated or hearing the pros and cons on their immigration policies yet the leftist champion can get a free pass on blackface. I was only speaking to the hypocrisy of the pc crowd, I'm not alone even Barack Obama has been calling for a more toned down debate.
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    It was Great times for sure.. even remember Roy Chasing Joey For his HUGGS as he claimed.. after his long ride up... Boy l need to get up there again with you guys... sure miss the GTG's we had and the Fire Hall in Bronte ... FUN TIMES
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    OK you bunch! Calm down!! The sensitive and easily offended may address the following with hysteria but I'll still give it a go..... I strongly suggest you all try and think about this gruesome issue from a slightly different perspective. A simple perspective... one that may make the more sensitive here upset in it's logic... Ready? A legal expert gave it to me.... Here goes.... start grinding your axes.......start thinking of a way to twist the following..... IMHO nobody can twist this.....OK......? There's the challenge.... The gauntlet has been thrown so to speak..... "To say Cherry is aiming at just immigrants for not wearing poppies means..... he is fine .... just PEACHY.....with all the 'others' NOT wearing poppies. The 'others' get a free pass and don't need to wear poppies" Get it? Understand what I'm saying??? Anyone in their heart of hearts knows the above statement isn't true...... Undeniable TRUTH is that Don Cherry is pissed at ANYONE not wearing a poppy. Think about this perspective. The above logic is irrefutable...... Cherry is happy for anyone wearing it and unhappy with anyone not wearing it. This is a known fact. A logical perspective but missed perspective by many. I missed it til it was explained to me by a lawyer. Again, to complain about him 'picking' on one bunch of people logically means you are saying he is fine with others not wearing poppies. Get it? If not then please reread this post until you do or get someone else to translate for you. Or offer evidence he is complimentary of someone for not wearing a poppy. Maybe he is on his show someplace saying how Ron's jacket doesn't match the red poppy so Ron should toss the poppy to look more fashionable. Something like that. OK you people. All I got........ a lawyer gave it to me and I'm passing it along. Says he can't wait for any logical disagreement with his 'legal' perspective.
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    LMAO!!!! And the smelly dumpster fire that is the maple leafs continues. What a JOKE. And LOVING it even more.
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