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    have a great and safe weekend.
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    Watch the body language on the bench when Babcock is talking. I like him as a coach and a person but his time is over in Toronto. He's used all the one liners, jokes, motivational speeches ...etc. If they aren't in first place by Dec 1st I''ll predict we'll be watching Sheldon Keefe before Christmas.
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    I made it about 5 seconds.....
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    I used the box for making the wrap. Perfect fit buddy.
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    Oh it,s working. Holding at 190 deg.
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    same here Lew 9 kids under 11 and 8 adults. One noisy day!
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    Hey Albert It,s the weekend of rods being bent,turkeys walking the river. Back attacha my friend
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    And a Happy Thanksgiving right back attcha Because of other family commitments we're doing our turkey today and I can't wait to dig into it !!
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    hi all, been spending some time exploring my home lake , casting as I go, got into a nice musky in 2’FOW on the edge of some reeds. Water temp is 51F and rain, rain, RAIN! This is the 2nd 40”+ musky I’ve caught in the last month or so on a small spoon, a Warden’s Worry Wobbler spoon to be exact, so much for casting all those giant cranks!
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    Get yourself a large square bottomed musky net and you'll be happy you did, it's much easier on both the angler and the fish, specially when you can leave her laid out in the bottom of the net while you cut the hooks and then let her rest for awhile before attempting a picture.
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