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    Just thought I'd make a quick post. I usually just target pike (spinners/cranks) and I think the total is 7-8. My boat is slow so I have been hanging around Southbay and Ant Island. Fishing has been ok but not great. I put ALOT of hours on the lake these 2 weeks and besides the 7-8 pikes I lost 4-5 including a bass. Never seen a wallaye these 2 weeks which is unusual. I can't totally be disappointed as being lazy I threw out a wallaye harness and worms and trolled back slow from Southbay. Caught a 42" musky on the cheap CT walleye harness, took pics and had a healthy release. Makes me laugh thinking of all the $30+ musky lures I have for those Lake St. Clair trips. Here are some pics, didnt bother with pike pics although they were decent 24-28. Everytime I see this island it reminds me of that island you could see infront of old Stelco before going over the skyway bridge in Hamilton. Pictures are unedited without lensflares/chromacrushing or colorgrading, I think mother natures makes it perfect already. The pikes were great meals. "Toothy" was released and swam away reminding himself to never be tempted by a $2 walleye harness again.
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    Of all the sun rises I have watched on this bay here, this one is right up there. I am not sure the pic,s do it justice, but I could see the phoenix,s rising. If you look long enough, you will see the beak and wings. No I am not crazy nor do I puff the magic stuff.LOL I had one chase in 3 hours moving about. 1 chase and 1 fish. Oh and YUP, left the inflatable behind again. Damit. This is why I have the foam jacket always on the toon with a whistle attached now. I knew I felt naked this morning while heading out. I am always in a rush to get out there. Need to slow down ole man. like I said, I only had 3 hours to float about to fish as I had pork to smoke,peppers to char for a friend. I,ll save that for the cooking thread.
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    I use an okuma reflexions RX-S-701M spinning rod for my wacky setup. It has been an awsome rod for me, not expensive and I got it a a swap years ago even cheaper than retail. Caught my PB largie last week on it
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    Not exactly what I was targeting but fun to catch regardless! Walleye population is nice & healthy on the St. Lawrence River! They love those Z-Man Diesel MinnowZ!
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    I bought a new F150 Lariat last year and absolutely loved the truck but there was a serious issue with the 5 litre engine so Ford installed another engine recently and that one had issues too. I told them I was done with the 5 litre and didn't want the truck back. I wanted to replace the truck and get one with the 3.5 EcoBoost instead and I've never seen a dealership do so much to make a customer happy. There's already a great "Employee Discount" thing going on which knocks a pile of $$$$ off the price and then my dealership discounted so much more money for me I was almost embarrased. On top of that they got FORD to toss in more cash and today I'm a happy man again. This thing has more bells & whistles than the Space Shuttle and pretty well every option available including full roof skylight and retractable running boards. My 2018 Lariat that I had to give up....sadly .....and then the new 2019
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    I don't even know if the peddle on my V1 works. Haven't used it since I added copilot. Just use the remote now. ?
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    My cottage is adjacent to a public launch. I could write a book about all the funny stuff I've seen.
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