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    I know walleye guys that have 6 special mates filled with multiples of custom painted cranks. A couple boxes deeps, couple boxes mids and shad baits, couple boxes of shallows. Each box maybe a couple grand all in? I have a fair Arsenal of tackle including some custom stuff, and more tied up in rods and reels than I want to admit. But theirs no way I’m stepping over the edge into that abyss. The minute tournament is mentioned, guys go off the deep end. Mega imaging, huge screens, boxes of tackle that would make a small independent shop jealous, trolling motors worth more than a used car. They need something to spend money on, and guys are gadget crazy to begin with. I don’t mind it, your going to have some sort of hobby and may as well keep the fishing industry healthy! But anyone that thinks they need these ultra lifelike lures and all the other stuff that comes with it in order to catch fish, bass, musky, pickerel or otherwise is fooling themselves so they can really sell it to the better half! Some of it for sure makes it easier by a landslide, gps, gps trolling motors.... I’m like an addict for that stuff, I literally need it now and get pissed off if I have malfunctions lol. You can’t take it with you!
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    Most of the lures look amazing because they need the people to buy them, it's like a shiny new car or polished tools.
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    Great advice, so find the structure and use large baits. The lake is quite small and the water is deep and dark so I can only locate the pads\weeds (where I have gotten all my fish) and the dock across the lake. I'll give it a shot at the end of the month and post pics....this includes any 1lber's which I hold up right against the camera lens and tell you guys it's 5lb's. lol. Appreciate all of the advice!
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    It's always interesting to me that players that "suck" while they're Leafs can magically have talent even before they put on a Sens jersey. LOL That's some solid reasoning skills right there. Ottawa has become a dumping site for when Toronto wants to get rid of dead wood and clean up cap space. Since the players the Leafs don't need are already better than the ones they have, it makes good sense. The previous year's standings don't lie.
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