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    Well, I finally decided I couldn't decide where I wanted to buy a cottage so I got one on wheels ? . It's got all the comforts of home, and I don't have to worry about finding motel rooms any more. Ready, willing, and able to go fishing anywhere, any time!
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    Thats because you are a pensioner nowdays! Lol I can’t wait to join your club! Lol
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    If you call them walleye up in my inlaws area of North East Ontario they look at you like your some strange alien. They call them pickeral up there always have and always will. If you call them pickeral down south in the great lakes regions or in the USA you get the same look. I call them by both depending on where I am and who I am talking to makes it easy to avoid the whole debate. Cheers!
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    people are still watching hockey? its open water season and the raptors are not disappointing like the leafs. My time is occupied.
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