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    I finally mastered the Meegs presentation. Thank you misfish godfather. LOL No ones more happier for you then I buddy. Well done
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    One of the things I miss about not living in St.Catharines anymore is the early season big lake fishing. Born and raised in St.Catharines, the spring salmon derby was my fav time of year. Although living in Barrie gets me access to a lot more water up here, I still usually get the boat wet a few times down there each spring with some browns, lakers and some early kings. Alarm clock went off at 2:30, on the road by 3 at the ramp by 5. 3rd one in the lot, not to shabby. Got everything rigged and ready to go and we were off. Headed west towards Jordan, was thinking of getting out the mast and planner boards but just much work int he dark, so we just stuck with dipsys and the riggers. Well as soon as I could safely turn off the nav lights, all hell breaks loose. Riggers going off, dipsys going off, trying to drive the boat, it was chaos. At one point we had a triple header and one rod sat in the rigger for a good 10mins while we tried to land both our fish. I haven't had a day like this on Lake O in a loooooong time. The girlfriend got all the rigger fish and I got all the dipsy fish, I've reeled in enough salmon she hasn't so she was on rod duty. We got fish on spoons, SD/flies and MC Rockets. I didn't even both to put a body bait down or use the planner boards today. Wolfpacks of 3/4 fish were marked and then the rods would pop. What an awesome day. All kings, biggest maybe 15lb? All really nice clean fish. After a while we stopped taking pics and just tossed the fish back. Bite died at around 11am and that was it. Fun fun day, the gf says her arms are sore, lol.
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    I've had a bit of a rough patch for the last year and a half, loosing Sue really took it's toll on me, tried drowning my sorrows for a while, all that did was give me hangovers. Tried running away from things, that didn't work either. Thankfully my friends and family have stuck by me and I am starting to get myself sorted out! This winter has gone by so fast, the late ice on Simco kind of messed up my ice fishing plans, my son came down and we did manage to get out three times and get some perch but that was it for Simco. I had hoped to get out several times but..... Went to Mexico for a week in Feb.: that didn't work out so well, it had been years since I'd flown anywhere, massive confusion at the airport with all the new; scan this do that, sit and wait.... Got robbed on our second day there, some how they got into our room and into our safe (which the resort said couldn't be done) yup $2000.00 cash between my buddy and I gone and a watch his late wife had given him..... turned out we weren't the only ones, we found out several other people had similar problems and this was a 5 star resort. Resort wouldn't do anything, just kept saying they were investigating. Besides that the beaches were a mess with seaweed. Won't do that again!!!! Now on a brighter note; Went to Myrtle Beach from Feb. 24 to March 24, we were going to just do a road trip and tour around the South but when we got to Myrtle Beach I decided to go over to Apache Pier (I'd been there years ago and had a blast). I decided to ask if they had any rental units available in the camp ground and it turned out that they did (they call them " leisure Living units" which are really trailers type units on a permanent site. We managed to rent a really nice 2 bedroom for the month for $750.00, 3 minute walk to the pier, 5 minute drive to Walmart and all kinds of shopping. It wasn't as warm as Florida but there wasn't any snow and it wasn't busy. Fell in love with the place all over again, went pier fishing almost every day, caught whitings galore (a little fish crisp and deep fried, you can have your shrimp, this is MUCH better), crokers, shark, slicks, puffer fish, even a crab that decided to hang on to my bait and wouldn't let go. Met up with some really great guys, one of them lives just South of me, small world isn't it? Some of our neighbors that live in the park most of the year were kind enough to show us some of the local favorite dining spots etc.. If you ever see a place called "Mission" in your travels, Smoked meat sandwich with a side of slaw (don't bother ordering the fries the sandwich is a 1/2 lb of meat alone), best smoked meat I have ever had! I have already booked for all of next winter (Jan. Feb. March) but a slightly bigger 2 bedroom place (but 1 and 1/2 bathrooms) still only 3 minutes from the pier so..... 😉 Anyway, just thought I'd check in and try to catch up.
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    Some guy told me one time that the suckers gather at the casinos -
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    Got a pm me ole friend would be coming out this morning. I figured I would be out and set up before he got up here. He knew where I be. WRONG As I am unloading at AM dark time,this truck pulls up. Cant be him. WELL It was. Good ole Dave Fishfarmer. Yes bye we are die hards. Was a beauty of a day to be out. Moved a few times til we found the fish. Great seeing you again brudder. BTW, that hut has to go. I would hate to even fart in it.LMAO Give ya a whole lot of credit as well bye. You manually drilled dem holes. Good on ya. CHEERS BUDDY ENJOY THE FEED. Dem perchy byes can have their fun. Oh WAIT I didn't get one of these,,,,,,,,,,, A tune to listen to while cooking up yer mess,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Nice article and picture..... a few years old... a different team. Your meme's are getting tired, your act is getting old. But you are the self appointed internet tough guy. Good for you.... I can't imagine what its like to have that type of reputation. Repeating the same thing in different words over and over. We get it... you're not a "Laffs" fan... join the ever growing club. Problem is........ you sound stupid. O and while you are in my kitchen... get Chris, Bill and I a beer...... adults will be watching the playoff game tomorrow night. We'll let you know when we need another. Go LEAFS Go
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    All the fun I had with the whities has come to an end. Still lots of ice,so it,s perch,n time. Im not a big percher guy and I dont use live bait,so using baits not so familiar to me is a challenge. The morning was beautiful. Little wind and the sun was coming up. Drilled my first hole and I was WT%#%$ Dirty brown water 1/2 mile out. Moved out another 1/2 and found some water that was fishable. First fish was a dink,then the 2nd was a whopper It measured 14 1/2 on the button. Pic does not show this fish justice Ended the morning with 6 perch. Just enough for a fresh dinner. .
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    I recently raffled off a donation custom Sage Rod Build with all the proceeds going to the LHFC Trout hatchery. I was very proud of the work on this build and it raised $2,150.00 for the rearing of Steelhead to eventually be stocked into the Saugeen River. A few pictures of the build.
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    It's not just fanatics, it's everyone. From the players to the coaches to the parents, to anyone who roots for a team. Nothing wrong with some emotional investment in a team. Sure beats sitting back and attempting to ridicule people because of it.
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    Asians come here to fornicate under the Northern Lights. They bring their germs with them.
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    Just a thought for a few of you commenting about how the guy "only" leases the land. If any of you "only" lease your car or truck please let me know. I'll be by tonight to take it for a spin 😂😂😂
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    ‘‘Tis the season again. Ticks are waking up after being dormant in the cold. 4C and warmer and they are active and feeding. They are more active in spring and fall than in summer heat. Protect yourselves and remember to do a tick check at the end of the day if you’ve been in the woods or tall grass. You won’t feel a tick bite or a tick that’s feeding on you. They stay attached for 5-7 days. You need to see it and pull it off carefully by the head immediately against you skin. If you get it off early when it’s small the chance of getting Lyme disease is much reduced. Dogs should go on preventative medications now. Till about Christmas. On another note, there is a new canine tapeworm emerging in Ontario. Biologists are finding it in about 25% of wolves and coyotes. If your dog picks it up he will not likely get sick but will expose you to the tapeworm eggs. These microscopic eggs, if consumed accidentally, can cause serious health problems in people. Im putting my patients on a new monthly dewormer that gets these and other worms. To protect the dog and the family. Called Interceptor Plus. Talk to your vet. Cheers, Peter
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    How does this happen? The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity. Hydrogen was not involved...........
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    Creating great memories , cheering your team is what its all about ....albeit not the outcome we wanted ... I remember Leafs losing to Montreal in 1977 and 1978 ... that was crazy .. (Sittler, Macdonald, Salming) and then 92 and 93 (Kings and Canucks) ... (damn Gretzky) but my best memory was sitting under a tarp in Algonquin Park with Mike Borger listening to Leafs vs Bruins in 2013 on a little transistor radio ...we went speck fishing but it was no way we were going to miss the play by play ... every time the Leafs scored we were hootin and hollerin !! man we must have looked hilarious ... great feeling being able to enjoy that with another passionate fan in a place like Algonquin Park...
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    I bought a Stanley dual console 17 footer. Imagine no more cleaning other than an occasional pressure wash. 100% Canadian made in Parry Sound .I am a pretty pumped Canadian right about now.
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    I pretty sure the new breed of truck drivers we see driving these rigs, are all "legally" licensed and "trained". It's just their interpretation of a snow storm that confuses them; you see things don't get slippery in a sand storm. Dan.
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    And there is a lot of unqualified truck drivers on the roads now. Lots of shady operations. S.
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    Ya the weather was to be so TERRIFYING. Woke up at 4am heard the rain on the window. Back to sleep til 5:30. Look outside and said you buggers. Flags were limp. Grab my gear and get to said spot. South winds were called for, so selected a south shore spot. Ya the one that has not produced for me yet this year. Well wouldn't you know it,they were there, and wouldn't you know it, not a single sole out there. LMAO. There was little to no wind,a light rain for about 5 minutes the sun even came out for a spell. Walking in the snow drifts was a bit of a challenge. They softened up a bunch. Thankfully,my walk was not far. Travel was to be light this morning. Toboggan,finder,rods and auger. Fish food style. I got 4 hours in then the wind started. Home time. Fresh fish for dinner tonight again, and will share with my co-workers Monday. Travel was light Meegs was on fire again.
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    Hi all, fishing has been great, catching not so much... lol. Jack wanted to come early morning snook hunting with me and landed a dandy. The fish hit my weedless set up 3 times with no hook up so I changed us both over to 3/8oz swimbait jig head with a 3.5” Berkeley Ripple Shad in the tried and trusted pearl/pink. 3 minutes later I hear Jack yelling and turn around to see something on his line almost pulling him over. I had to use every ounce of self control not to take the rod from him even though he asked and was a little bit panicky, he thought it might be a shark and was scared. He did a superb job of taming the fish and was a little bit pumped, so pumped in fact that we ended up leaving 5 minutes later because he wanted to tell his mum!
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    I thought it might be fun to take the family on a road trip on March break and watch the Leafs in ottawa. I checked, the crappiest seats are $180 each, so no thanks. Interesting though, a couple days earlier, we could see St Louis/ sens for $29 a ticket, lol, and that's on March break! Unless the Leafs are in town, they can't give the tickets away. What a disgusting blemish ottawa and the sens are on Canadian hockey.
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    A leg of lamb was in order at my house yesterday. Sous vide for 30 hours at 132° F. Best lamb I've ever had.
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    Tail gate cooking with an Hibachi, haven't seen one of those in years but they were awesome. And yes Walmart does make good BBQ"s 😀
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    40 odd years ago we were fishing the Whitby pier when my Dad tripped over something and fell in the lake. It was a cold night so he was wearing a heavy coat and darned near drowned before we were able to pull him out. He had dry clothes in the car but he'd lost his wallet when he fell and we couldn't find it in the dark water. Probably an hour later another fisherman scooped it up with his net and came looking for Dad and returned the wallet with everything still intact. I've always remembered the honesty of that guy.
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    I have the crimping tool, rosin core solder, heat shrink tubing, and top of the line soldering station. If you want to make a road trip to Lindsay, I can given you a hand.
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    The absolute worst worm your dog and you can get is the Vet Worm. It gets into your pockets and eats all your cash and inflicts huge costs on your charge cards and your dog gets sicker.
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    What an absolute blast. After guiding all ice season with just 5 days off, I needed some heat in my life. We headed to Mexico and got to enjoy a few days fishing the saltwater! It's gonna be weird going for perch now... Enjoy!
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    Got out for some late ice pike fishing this weekend with a couple of buddies. We set out 6 tip ups ranging from 6 - 18ft. Two live suckers, and four dead baits - two sumo herring from Nipissing and two regular sized herring. 8 hours in we still hadn't had a flag and it was starting to look like one of those days. The area doesn't produce many fish but it does have some monsters. At about 5:20pm I glanced over at the furthest (6ft) tip up for the millionth time and I had to blink twice. FLAAAG!! Ran over and saw the T spinning. When I set the hook, it felt heavy but it came to the hole relatively easy, I said to my buddy "I don't think it's that big". Well, I think it must of heard me because it ripped off all of the line I had pulled in and then some. It took some doing to get it's head pointed up the hole but it worked out well because my other buddy was ready to take a wicked pic. My buddy wanted a pic of her tail in the hole when I was releasing her but she wanted none of it. One more fish from the same hole about 20 minutes later - again on a regular sized herring, and that was it. Tried again on Sunday for the last day of the season but I should have known I'd used up all my luck already lol..
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    GRT1, when you make a thread or post someone can click the heart shaped button to the right of the dialogue box. When you put your mouse over it, it will pop out and give you a few options. I'll click yours, you'll end up with an additional reputation point.
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    funny story from today- My son, he just turned 4, he doesn't like it when I work afternoons because I'm not around. I pick him up from daycare this morning and he asks, as he always does, "Dad, do you have to go to work?" me- "urghh, ya, I don't want to, but I do, we can still play for a couple hours though...." I can see him the rear view, he's got a scowl on his face, he's looking out the window trying to think of something spiteful to say or something that will make me stay home. Then he looks forward and says "Dad, if you're going to work, I'm not a Maple Leaf fan with you anymore" GLG!
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    Arguing on the internet... here's a good definition. It's like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon just knocks all the pieces over. Then craps all over the board. Then struts around like it won.” I can hear the cooing in this thread! HH
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    I'm all for Montreal in the playoffs. The more Canadian teams the better.
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    I won't mind if the Leafs lose to the Habs on Saturday if it means another Canadian team makes the playoffs.
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    Reef Runner you are correct. Another reason why 2 strokes make great bush engines.
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    it is almost always better to rebuild then settle if you settle they value the building at the value it was, if you rebuild they must build by todays standards and all new so much more value, much more money in your pocket when you sell. at least thats how it was for me i found the insurance company was easier to work with then the company i paid to rebuild, get into the agreement a firm finishing date with penalties for being late
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    No comparing Muzzo to this guy. I feel for the families obviously but also the truck driver, he's conducted himself with class throughout what is obviously a horrible experience. And yup, I've made driving errors, but I was lucky...
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    Hi all, Had a couple hours to spare after work so took the dog for a walk. We headed down to Eagle lake and set up on a popular spot. The bite was pretty much on for the whole hour or so before it started getting dark. Roloff has not been fishing with me for a while as he is getting on a bit now and has difficulty with long treks in the snow, so a trip to the bridge now it is warmer was right up his alley!
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    I need to do another brisket... My last two turned out fantastic on my pellet smoker
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    I buried salmon guts and bones under my weed plants and they grew into bushes!! And didn't taste fishy!!
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    Hi all, This is a long video of the remaining highlights of my recent shore fishing antics in Antigua.
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    More than likely the rescue will be performed by on-duty emergency crews who are already being paid whether they're rescuing somebody who got in trouble or sitting around twiddling their thumbs. That's what they're there for.
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    Fishing for me last time I played golf the only 2 good balls I hit all day was when I stepped on a rake
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    Hey Sinker Perfect IMO
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    Dave I am going to pin this on the front page to help spread the word. Art
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    Nice... i added the site to my FB page as well.
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    Geez, I remember when I didn't have to buy a license. So I didn't have to worry about any of these things.
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    O sure give them three choices, now we will never get an answer. lol Art
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    We're. Fixed that for you. But nice try.
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