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    One more thing, drill a big hole.
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    I was busy feeding the younger generation minnows. 6 lines in the water, some moving around too, but the 3 decent fish came from the same hole, my brother's hole. Pretty cool colours on this one. Lastly came his pb. Take note of the look in his eyes and the smirk on his face. It's almost euphoric, yet evil and sinister. It's hard to tell if he wants to eat it's eye balls or penetrate it in privacy behind some Hemlocks. My Dad was driving. We marked that magic hole as the third island, standing behind the tree, line up just a tad to the right of the bay, 21 paces out and 6 beers to the left. All fish released. Let'm go, let'm grow.
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    Working for a living is highly over rated. Good luck on the new career.
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    Hi all, Here is some of what I do for a living, so no, won't be giving up my day job.....lol.
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    When I watch the game at home a tall can of beer is 2 bucks and a bag of popcorn is about 60 cents. Part of the reason I haven't seen a game live in about 5 years.
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    Oh ya..........great how the criminal is protected in today's society.
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    As quirky as the show was,he made me laugh. Im sure others as well.
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    Yeah, don't let him cacciatore you or he'll gnocci you over the head.
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    Straight from Southern Carolina to my door. Fresh Clams and fresh Shrimp. Made for a good lunch. I also have 3 dozen clams for a Linguine tomorrow as well as some fresh Redfish and Sheephead for Thursday. Life is good.
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    You wont know if you don't go. I'd go. I fish there quite a bit. If there's ice, there will be fish. PM me if you need details, hell, I may even be able to join you and show you around a bit. The fish are moving INTO the bay in the winter from Lake O. They spawn in the rivers and stage in the bay, so the later the better. That said, first ice is the best time to go. I've caught them all times of the year though. S.
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    Stupid Quinte walleye, I knew I should have headed north. Good to see Colin got all of his terminal tackle kinks worked out just in time. Kind of surprised Stan didn't beat him to the line at least once lol.
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    im guessing simcoe is wide open again as of this morning?
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