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    It’s these moments that make ice fishing trips memorable and fun. What a disaster lol
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    You just unbolt a few bolts and hang it no need to completely remove
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    I suggest that you leave the truck running/warming up in your driveway and go in the house to "grab a few things" while it's warming. With any luck, it will be gone when you come out. Sorry, that's the best I could come up with! HH
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    The best 100 bucks someone driving an old vehicle can spend is on a CAA membership. Don't leave home without it.
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    Quebecers hate the rest of Canada. Probably would have been let off with a warning if you had a Quebec license plate and spoke French. 🙄
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    PM me Jimmer if you want me to see if a Lindsay local (Chevy guy) can give you a look over and or hand if you want to put a little $$ in to take a chance.
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    Those are also the ones I see walk into traffic when they should be watching where they are going and paying attention to silly things like traffic lights instead of staring down at their phone while crossing the road.
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    Using a Uni-Uni or a Crazy Alberto is how I join my fluorocarbon leaders to my braided line!
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    This was 15” but didn’t have nearly the girth of that record
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