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OK no more Photo Bucket, now what?

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#21 Old Ironmaker

Old Ironmaker

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 04:41 PM

You took this pic off the internet somewhere. Theres "NO WAY IN HELL", you caught that.
I even checked my PC to see if you hacked into my pics.

You stop it right now youngsters, we are almost there, now play nice. I don't care who started it.

Stop it right now you two. We are almost there, now play nice and stop bugging your brother.

Cheaptackle said.

"I had to stop watching any kind of video on line to cut that down (a bit!)."

I can understand patching into your big screen TV to watch stuff online. What I don't get is watching something on this little screen, and paying for it.

I'm trying imger. I finally got what imger meant, what a silly name. Imager stupid. I passed a car lot on Upper James for years that had a sign, astraded.com. I asked my lady "I have a stupid question. Why a name like Astrided for a car lot? First she says "better than anyone else I know" an then told me it's As Traded. I have to be careful asking questions of someone that should be a member of Mensa.

If I remember right when I hooked into Photo Bucket they said for X number of jiggabibels or gigabibels it was going to cost me money. At first I said no way, then I was told I don't have that many pics so don't sweat it. If you don't know the cost of Potatos don't go in the French Fry business.

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#22 Sterling


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Posted 14 August 2017 - 11:06 AM

3 responses 3 different photo sharing sites. I like simple. Why is it Facebook doesn't require to downsize images, or does it? Maybe I have been lucky and the pics were small enough.

I wonder if there is a preference OFC might have for this type of service?



Imgur is absolutely the easiest and best. No resizing or anything, just upload and you're done.


Pretty weird how a forum of this size doesn't allow direct uploads.

Bandwidth is cheap.


It does, you just have to find it. Perhaps it should be made easier for users.


Ran multiple websites in the past.. and at $100 your being robbed.


There are tons of web hosting companies with unlimited bandwidth for $20-$30 a month.


If you're running a simple static site the basic hosting packages will do just fine. But a small forum like this, maybe not. You'll run into issues other than bandwidth. Been there, done that.

#23 Fisherman


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Posted 14 August 2017 - 12:23 PM

I tried Flickr and seems to work fine for me.

#24 msp


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Posted Yesterday, 07:05 AM

Does this mean I have lost all my photos ?

#25 manitoubass2


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Posted Yesterday, 08:02 AM

Does this mean I have lost all my photos ?

No. I was able to transfer all mine to Flickr

#26 Terry



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Posted Yesterday, 08:25 AM

I could download most of my photos
But the ones what were hosted and I posted on forums I can not access

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